Do more with your giving

At the Community Foundation of Singapore, the simple act of giving goes a long way. We believe in philanthropy that extends beyond the singular benefits of traditional charity. Here, donors have every opportunity to make their mark on the bigger picture.

Transforming giving into positive impact is at the heart of what we do. As a champion of bettering our communities, we persist in dealing with what needs to be done. While focusing on identified issues, we continue to spot social gaps that need support.

As we continue to seek ways to make a difference for our donors and communities, one thing remains constant: our commitment to the process, from giving to impact.

What we do


donors’ interests with causes that are close to their hearts and offer ways for them to make a greater impact.


with charitable organisations to identify and develop meaningful programmes that impact diverse communities.


funds and grants with a high level of governance and accountability, so donors can be assured their gift creates lasting benefit for the community.

Get in touch with CFS today and let us help you do more with your giving.

Photo of HDB flats: Darren Soh.

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The Spooner Road Project – Reaching children and youths at the margins

Located in an enclave of public rented flats in central Singapore, the Spooner Road centre is housed amidst a transient, vulnerable community of over 300 families. Many families often arrive here after losing their home due to financial issues. The physical isolation of these flats means everyday resources are not easily accessible here. This led Students Care Service to start the Spooner Road Project in mid-2015.

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Charting your legacy

If you’re wondering how you can start planning on leaving a legacy, Catherine Loh, CEO of the Community Foundation of Singapore, shares her insights.

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Giving through the generations

Is there room for diverse giving styles in creating one’s personal and family legacy? It’s possible, shares two prominent families at the recent CRIB x CFS Legacy and Impact event.

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