Effective philanthropy that transforms communities

The Community Foundation of Singapore was founded in 2008 to advise and assist donors to grant money to charities and causes. Today, we manage more than 90 donor funds giving out S$10 million every year to support a wide range of community needs and making a positive change in many ways.

What we do


donors with causes based on their areas of interest and our community knowledge to facilitate more effective giving.


with charities, civic and non-profit organisations to identify and develop impactful programmes that benefit various causes.


to manage donor funds with high levels of governance and accountability through rigorous programme evaluation, robust grantmaking as well as concise reporting.

For a rewarding giving experience, get in touch with CFS today and let us be your partner in philanthropy.

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Photos: Darren Soh, Lien Foundation, UBS Diversity in Abilities.

Latest news

ChannelNewsAsia: New film project to unearth stories about Singaporeans from the 1970s to the 1990s

15 films by 15 local filmmakers inspired by real-life stories of good from the ground. This homegrown project combining film and philanthropy is looking to crowdsource support through the Stories of Us Fund. The Community Foundation of Singapore is proud to administer the Stories of Us Fund with films curated by Daniel Yun and supported by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC). We can’t wait to see how these untold stories will unfold.

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The Peak Singapore: How responsible businesses can make their philanthropic dollars travel further

The Peak Singapore put CEO Catherine Loh in the ‘Hot Seat’ to find out how companies can ensure their money is best used for philanthropy: “While more companies are heeding the call to give back to the community, selecting a worthy cause and monitoring the use of donations may be a complex task. That’s where the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) comes in. It helps corporations develop a long-term philanthropy strategy, find suitable charity partners, and track the outcome of donations.”

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The Business Times: Collective action to meet community needs sustainably

When CFS launched CoLABS with NVPC in early 2017, we were exploring uncharted territories by piloting new ways for more effective giving. Comprising the public, private and people sector, the network rallies passionate individuals who believe in the value of collaboration, and facilitates the learning and alignment that is necessary for better solutions. Along the journey, the network continues to unravel the complex issues surrounding disadvantaged children and youth.

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