Effective philanthropy that transforms communities

The Community Foundation of Singapore was founded in 2008 to advise and assist donors to grant money to charities and causes. Today, we manage more than 80 donor funds giving out S$10 million every year to support a wide range of community needs and making a positive change in many ways.

What we do


donors with causes based on their areas of interest and our community knowledge to facilitate more effective giving.


with charities, civic and non-profit organisations to identify and develop impactful programmes that benefit various causes.


to manage donor funds with high levels of governance and accountability through rigorous programme evaluation, robust grantmaking as well as concise reporting.

For a rewarding giving experience, get in touch with CFS today and let us be your partner in philanthropy.

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Photos: Lien Foundation, UBS Diversity in Abilities.

Latest news

The Business Times: EDIS manages CSR like a business

EDIS’s sustainable giving plan is enabled by the EDIS Cares Fund which CFS helped to set up and manage. The EDIS Cares Fund creates opportunities for children from low-income families to reach their full potential. CFS also works with the EDIS Cares team to evaluate their charity programmes and provide intelligence on the charity landscape in Singapore.

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New Year celebrations and collaborations 2017

This year, CFS’s annual appreciation lunch was held on 8 February at the Regent Singapore. Some 120 guests attended the event which is CFS’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to our donors, charities and partners for their unwavering support. True to the spirit of celebrations, there were happy handshakes, endless conversations and a festive, convivial atmosphere all around. Donors met charity partners, old friends made new friends.

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TODAY – Successful philanthropy: Doing good takes more than just giving

Whether you’re giving for one of these reasons or something else, taking the time to figure out your goal can lead to a more meaningful experience. As Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) CEO Catherine Loh told TODAY, “It is important to find the right fit, taking into consideration your values, charitable goals and impact you want to make. Ask yourself, why do you want to give back? What causes do you care about most? What kind of difference do you want to make?”

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