Changi Foundation was launched in April 2012 to support and reach out to disadvantaged youths. Each year, the Changi Airport Group (CAG) allocates a percentage of its net profit to Changi Foundation – managed by the Community Foundation of Singapore – to support youth development programmes.

CAG believes in an all-rounded and more holistic approach to address the needs of these disadvantaged youths and at the same time inspire them to better their lives.  Working closely with CFS, CAG identified three areas as the strategic priorities for Changi Foundation – academic education, skills development, and community service.

Changi Foundation piloted projects such as the Seconded School Social Work Model in partnership with Students Care Service and Assumption Pathway School (APS). The pilot produced case studies for learning and development, eventually enabling the Ministry of Education to deploy one social work-trained officer each to selected schools to better support students in difficult family circumstances.

Changi Foundation also supports innovative youth programmes including:

  • Youth COP a joint programme by Students Care Service, Neighbourhood Police Centres and schools to tackle youth crime and juvenile delinquency by developing teens to be crime prevention leaders in the community.
  • Football programmes such as ACE Football League by Students Care Services and Saturday Night Lights which keep youths off the streets and on the pitch for character development.
  • Metta Café which provides food and beverage (F&B) vocational training for young adults with autism or mild intellectual disability by helping these youths achieve self-reliance through employment.

“Changi Foundation has partnered CFS since March 2012. In addition to administering the Changi Foundation funds, CFS has also supported us in many ways. This includes providing their professional assessment of the programmes we fund or intend to fund. They’ve also given us a deeper appreciation of the macro charity sector. This has been tremendously helpful in advancing our philanthropic cause,” said Shirley Cheong, VP, People Team, Changi Foundation.

Photos: Lim Yong Teck for SportCares, Metta Cafe, Students Care Service.