Legacy giving: donors share their stories

Building a legacy through charitable giving is one of the most meaningful acts in an individual’s life, but for most new donors, the question often is where and when do you begin.

At CFS, we help donors actualise their giving goals at key moments in time. You might be looking to honour a cherished family member, or to celebrate a loved one’s lifetime of achievement. A legacy fund is a fitting extension of the way the individual lived his or her life.

For families and individuals, how can you lay the right foundation, so that giving can continue? As families participate in joint philanthropic activities, CFS helps donors establish structures to recognise shared values, and to pass on the family’s collective legacy. For individuals, the right structure also helps amplify your impact towards causes you’re passionate about.

To uncover these diverse motivations, we spoke with three of our donors to discover how they have embarked on their philanthropic journeys.

In memory of
Established in keeping with the parents’ wishes, this family foundation supports a broad range of educational initiatives, a fitting tribute to the memory of the donor.

“The late Dr Chee Kim Hoe was recognised for his outstanding academic achievements and throughout his life, he exhibited a great love for helping people achieve their potential through education. On his passing, he left instructions for funds to be set aside to help those in need of education. When Mrs Chee passed on in 2016, our family decided to work with CFS to start an education fund as a fitting tribute and to honour their lives and memories.

By tapping on CFS’s philanthropy services, we avoid high overheads and save precious time, allowing us to focus on the most rewarding part: selecting our beneficiaries and giving.

After a year of setting up the various legal, financial and foundation structures, we are excited and eager to begin 2018 with our newly-established fund. We look forward to making good education a possibility for those in need.”

Dr & Mrs Chee Kim Hoe Foundation

Giving through generations
In exploring their options for legacy giving, this family established a fund with CFS to learn how to maximise their impact within the community, and as a legacy for future generations.  

“Setting up our family’s charity foundation is an important step to further fulfill and realise our family’s spirit of giving. Our hope is that this foundation will lay the groundwork for our future generations, encouraging them to continue our family’s charitable legacy.

CFS attracted us as a partner because of their innovative approach in matching donors to charity organisations and special projects that had the potential to make impact.

We’re proud to support the Reading Odyssey Programme by Student Care Services that allows us to witness the measurable impact made in improving the school-readiness of young children from underprivileged families. We look forward to driving greater impact through our co-operation with CFS.”

Sky Foundation

A living legacy
For this donor, philanthropy is a way of life, and structuring her giving for impact was the natural next step in her journey

“I see philanthropy as a way to uplift and empower the voiceless and marginalised. As a donor, I don’t think it’s too early to start giving back, and I have been giving for some time. But I was looking for a way to structure and expand the impact of my giving. CFS has a deep understanding of over 400 charity partners, allowing me to extend my giving to impact diverse communities.

With the establishment of the Solid Rock Foundation, I now support programmes focused on upgrading skills and building confidence through targeted activities, as well as animal welfare initiatives. Over time, I hope that my fund contributes to the lasting benefit of those in need.”

Solid Rock Foundation

For more information about CFS’s legacy giving programmes, visit here. At CFS, we match our donors’ interests with causes and offer ways for them to make a greater impact through their charitable funds. Unsolicited funding requests are not accepted.

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