CFS’ LaLa Café Series: Wellness Talk and Mindfulness Practice

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CFS’ LaLa Café is a virtual place to learn, socialise and rejuvenate for everyone at CFS. It is conducted by our employees, partners, and vendors to cultivate a growth-driven and dynamic work environment.

For the latest edition of LaLa Café, we invited Desmond Lim, psychotherapist, wellness advocate, and coach from Mind Culture to share about Mental Wellness and Mindfulness Practice.

Desmond shared that deep breathing exercises can help reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and physical discomfort. He advised staff to look out for any symptoms of burnout such as; feeling tired most of the time, falling sick easily, having frequent headaches and muscle pains, change in appetite and sleeping habits, a sense of failure, and loss of motivation.

To avoid burnout, practising self-care by doing things that make us happy is important — it helps boost our emotional well-being. Self-care activities also increase self-esteem, higher productivity, and motivation. We were reminded to take care of ourselves first before taking care of others. 

He ended the workshop with breathing and meditation exercises. To see more, watch the video demonstrations below: 

CFS takes pride in advocating good mental health practices amongst our employees and supports Mental Health Funds such as Mind the Gap 200. 

To find out more about our programmes and start your giving journey, visit us here.

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