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Francis Goh

Make An Impact Beyond Your Lifetime

Francis Goh encourages his clients to think of their Last Will and Testament as their love letter to the ones that they are leaving behind. "When a person realises that he or she is a beneficiary of your giving, it is that moment when that person whom you have chosen to bless feels the depth of your love and care," says Francis, "If you choose to leave a gift to a charitable cause, it is also an expression of your concern for society."
Freaderic Tan & Kelvin Choo

Helping Clients Grow Their Giving

Legacy giving enables you to make a difference beyond your lifetime. In support of CFS’ campaign for “A Greater Gift”, IPG Howden has partnered CFS to inspire individuals to include gifts to charities in their wealth planning.
Angie Han

Structure Your Giving To Create A Greater Impact

Angie Han believes this unprecedented year is sowing the seeds for greater giving in Singapore. "Many of us are witnessing the impact on vulnerable communities," remarks Angie, " As a result, in addition to wanting to give back to the community, many also wish to move beyond one-off, ad-hoc responses to a more sustainable and impactful giving.” 
Allen Lim

Following His Calling In Planned Giving

Do you need to wait until you are wealthy to start giving? For Allen Lim, the answer is an emphatic no, but with one distinct caveat. "It's very important that giving takes into account your and your family's financial security," insists Allen, "That's why planning is crucial, because with the right strategy, you can do both."
Valerie Wu

Sparking Powerful Conversations Around Giving

Start a conversation, because asking the right questions can help shape your clients' giving intentions. "Conversations are powerful because they drive thinking around why, who and when your client would like to give," shares Valerie Wu.
Jenny Wah

#MyGivingJourney X Jenny Wah: Transforming customer experiences to reignite growth

Jenny Wah chalked up over 20 years of marketing experience at several MNC companies. She started in Key Account/Brand Marketing in the FMCG industry with brands such as Coca-Cola & Pokka. Then she spent the bulk of her marketing career in the IT industry with Adobe and Autodesk. She led global teams and worked with diverse clients all over the map. The demands were dizzying, as were her frequent flyer miles.  
Hauw Soo Hoon

#MyGivingJourney x Hauw Soo Hoon: Insuring the future for vulnerable students 

Hauw Soo Hoon has always loved mathematics. So when she discovered some students in her estate were struggling with the subject, getting just 15 marks out of 100, her heart plummeted. She wanted to help them and even get them to love numbers. An opportunity came through her grassroots contacts who were looking for someone to helm a programme to tutor children from rental flats and troubled families.