Category: Inspiring stories

The Straits Times – Fund marks 20 years of marriage for couple

For donor Trina Liang-Lin, setting up a fund with CFS saves her the work and resources needed to set up a private foundation. On more younger, wealthy people like her setting up charity funds, she said: "Increasingly, people are realising that they don't have to wait till they are older or richer to give back and make an impact."

Apex Harmony Lodge – Empowering dementia patients to live well

Is dementia an inevitable part of aging? Can nothing can be done to change its course? Dementia patients are oft-times negatively perceived as 'senile' or 'confused', with little measures taken to empower patients to maintain an active mind. Apex Harmony Lodge views each patient as someone who can be empowered to live with dignity and well-being.

The Spooner Road Project – Reaching children and youths at the margins

Located in an enclave of public rented flats in central Singapore, the Spooner Road centre is housed amidst a transient, vulnerable community of over 300 families. Many families often arrive here after losing their home due to financial issues. The physical isolation of these flats means everyday resources are not easily accessible here. This led Students Care Service to start the Spooner Road Project in mid-2015.

The Tabung Project – Saving together for a better future

The Tabung Project is a simple yet inventive micro-savings programme by the Healthy Start Child Development Centre (HSCDC), a childcare centre by Beyond Social Services serving children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The idea is simple: every child brings home a tabung (“savings bank” in Malay) where family members are encouraged to contribute. Every month, each child’s savings is then poured into a community savings pool.

LEAD Academy – Empowering youths to lead and influence

The LEAD Academy was set up in 2014 as a collaboration between CampVision, UBS Singapore and the Community Foundation of Singapore to impact marginalised youths in neighborhood schools. LEAD is a platform that partners youths with professional volunteers to develop leadership abilities and cultivate effective communication skills.

KidsExcel – Leaving no child behind

At a time when after school tuition and enrichment programmes have become the new norm, children from less affluent backgrounds are increasingly disadvantaged by their inability to afford these lessons. KidsExcel aims to tackle this by providing primary school students under the Ministry of Education (MOE)'s Financial Assistance Scheme access to a year-long, well-rounded enrichment programme.