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Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre – Letter to a donor

DaySpring Residential Treatment Centre – which is partly supported by CFS donors – provides shelter, therapy and treatment to teenage girls who were victims of trauma or abuse. The centre provides a safe, caring and structured environment to help these girls recover and eventually get on with their lives. Here's a letter to thank a donor for the difference she has made.

S R Nathan Education Upliftment Fund – Providing students with the needed leg-up

In 2011 when Mr Nathan published his memoir ‘An Unexpected Journey: Path to the Presidency,’ he established the S R Nathan Education Upliftment Fund to help students by providing them with the financial assistance to keep them in school and enable them to pursue their tertiary education. Mr Nathan believed that education is an important social leveler which provides disadvantaged students an opportunity to seek a better life.

Goh Soon Tioe Centenary Fund – Nurturing future generations of musicians

Goh Soon Tioe (1911–1982) is remembered as one of Singapore’s greatest musical pioneers. Besides being an accomplished violinist, conductor and teacher, he brought hundreds of international performers to the Singapore stage. In 2011, in celebration of his birth centenary year, his family established a fund to support talented young classical musicians who wish to build a career in music.

UBS Diversity in Abilities Concert – Celebrating the talents of children with special needs

To develop the talents of children and youths with special needs, the Diversity in Abilities training programme was launched in 2012 with support from corporate sponsor UBS. Through this initiative that was co-managed by the Community Foundation of Singapore, local artists developed a 14-week long training programme to coach the kids in film, music, dance, drama and visual arts.

Changi Foundation – Helping youths to realise their dreams

Changi Foundation was launched in April 2012 to support and reach out to disadvantaged youths. Each year, the Changi Airport Group (CAG) allocates a percentage of its net profit to Changi Foundation – administered by the Community Foundation of Singapore – to support youth community efforts.