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Collaborative giving: How it creates social change

Today, with technology and the lean towards strategic, outcome-focused giving, collaborative giving is rapidly gaining traction as people recognise the complexity of social issues and the need for many helping hands. CFS counts it as our mission to enable donors to learn and tap on different models of collective giving.

Berita Harian: Programme to prepare youths for the workplace launched

The Singapore Youth Impact Collective is an initiative in Singapore that uses the collective impact model and allows donors and non-profit organisations to solve complex social issues together. The Collective wants to increase the ability of youths from underprivileged backgrounds to advance in the workforce through training and skills development.

Lianhe Zaobao: 鼓励参与兴趣小组提升技能 青年组织助工教生规划职业 By encouraging participation in interest groups to improve skills, youth collective helps students plan their careers

青年影响组织在2017年由樟宜基金会、触爱社会服务及新加坡社会基金会等六家企业组成,目的在于通过鼓励工教院的学生参与不同兴趣小组,教导相关技能,帮助他们提升专业课程之外的职场技能。The Singapore Youth Impact Collective consists of six organisations including Changi Foundation, TOUCH Community Services and the Community Foundation of Singapore. It aims to help students from ITE improve their professional skills by encouraging them to participate in different interest groups and pick up workplace skills.

The Straits Times: From school to workplace: Help for disadvantaged youth

Called the Singapore Youth Impact Collective, these initiatives come after a series of discussions in the social service sector recognised that while education can help bridge social gaps, environmental factors – such as negative social influences or the home environment – can hinder youth from reaching their full potential. Changi Foundation, the Community Foundation of Singapore, Credit Suisse, Octava Foundation, Shine and Touch are behind the initiative.