Collaborative giving

Fostering collaboration is critical to our efforts to amplify the impact of philanthropy across diverse segments of our society. CFS brings together different perspectives, experienced expertise and innovative solutions to tackle these community needs. With this dual mission to enhance impact and promote engagement in social issues, CFS continues to develop platforms for collaboration enabling diverse stakeholders to share knowledge, co-create solutions and give together.

Community impact funds

Spearheaded by CFS, community impact funds help address unmet needs or under-supported causes in Singapore. Through collaborations with charity partners to identify gaps and co-develop programmes, these funds enable the disadvantaged to lead a dignified, better quality life with the support of the community at large.

Sayang Sayang Fund

The Sayang Sayang Fund, a Community Impact Fund started by the Community Foundation of Singapore, provides support for healthcare workers and vulnerable communities such as isolated seniors and low-income families who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Singapore Youth Impact Collaborative

The Singapore Youth Impact Collective is the first initiative in Singapore to use the collective impact model to empower disadvantaged youths in their transition from the classroom to working life. The initiative is funded by Changi Foundation, Credit Suisse and Octava Foundation. CFS contributes as a backbone organisation by providing dedicated staff and resources to support this initiative with programmes run by SHINE Children & Youth Services and TOUCH Community Services.

Collaborative giving: How it creates social change

Today, with technology and the lean towards strategic, outcome-focused giving, collaborative giving is rapidly gaining traction as people recognise the complexity of social issues and the need for many helping hands. CFS counts it as our mission to enable donors to learn and tap on different models of collective giving.

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Berita Harian: Programme to prepare youths for the workplace launched

The Singapore Youth Impact Collective is an initiative in Singapore that uses the collective impact model and allows donors and non-profit organisations to solve complex social issues together. The Collective wants to increase the ability of youths from underprivileged backgrounds to advance in the workforce through training and skills development.

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Lianhe Zaobao: 鼓励参与兴趣小组提升技能 青年组织助工教生规划职业 By encouraging participation in interest groups to improve skills, youth collective helps students plan their careers

青年影响组织在2017年由樟宜基金会、触爱社会服务及新加坡社会基金会等六家企业组成,目的在于通过鼓励工教院的学生参与不同兴趣小组,教导相关技能,帮助他们提升专业课程之外的职场技能。The Singapore Youth Impact Collective consists of six organisations including Changi Foundation, TOUCH Community Services and the Community Foundation of Singapore. It aims to help students from ITE improve their professional skills by encouraging them to participate in different interest groups and pick up workplace skills.

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The Straits Times: From school to workplace: Help for disadvantaged youth

Called the Singapore Youth Impact Collective, these initiatives come after a series of discussions in the social service sector recognised that while education can help bridge social gaps, environmental factors – such as negative social influences or the home environment – can hinder youth from reaching their full potential. Changi Foundation, the Community Foundation of Singapore, Credit Suisse, Octava Foundation, Shine and Touch are behind the initiative.

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Colabs drives collaboration by bringing together the public, private and social sectors to tackle complex social issues. It enables philanthropists, businesses, non-profits and sector experts to collectively build insights and co-create solutions for lasting change. Colabs is a philanthropic initiative by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre and the Community Foundation of Singapore.

The networks embark on a collaborative process comprising these three stages:

Members learn about issues affecting disadvantaged groups. Philanthropists, businesses, non-profits and sector experts go on a learning journey to gain in-depth knowledge of social causes.

They align their priorities to work together. With new insights, members identify opportunities to work together on a problem, and get behind a common agenda.

Everyone collaborates for greater social impact. They take action by pooling their resources and expertise across sectors, and work towards achieving their shared vision for social change.

Colabs networks are formed around specific causes: disadvantaged children and youth, persons with disabilities and vulnerable seniors.

Children and youth
Disadvantaged young persons struggle with challenges on multiple fronts, and therefore find it hard to access the support needed to do well in life. Colabs sets out to understand what can be done to enable them to attain greater social mobility through education and employment

Persons with disabilities
While help is available during their growing years, persons with disabilities have limited developmental opportunities as they enter adulthood and old age. Colabs sets out to understand how persons with disabilities can be supported to live life as independent individuals.

Despite a growing range of options, vulnerable seniors may not be able to access services that fulfil their care needs or lifestyle preferences. Colabs sets out to understand how vulnerable seniors can make choices that support their physical, psychological and social well-being.

If you wish to express interest to be part of Colabs, visit here or write to

A Call for Collaborative Giving: Bridging the Divide for Persons with Disabilities

This second Colabs publication reveals some of the challenges that persons with disabilities in Singapore face integrating into our community. This includes the lack of sustainable employment options and other opportunities to participate meaningfully in society. Some suggestions for collaborative solutions based on the collective feedback of over 80 participants in the series are outlined here.

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Seniors Colabs learning journey #2: Wellness Kampung – entrusting the community to care for itself

Wellness Kampung, a network of three activity centres in Chong Pang, Nee Soon Central and Nee Soon East was launched with one simple belief – that taking charge of one’s health is easier with the support of the community. Run mainly by residents, it aims to give people of all ages a chance to adopt healthier lifestyles through health intervention programmes and social activities.

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The Straits Times: New youth collective to level playing field for disadvantaged young

CFS and NVPC released a 17-page guide on closing the gap for disadvantaged youth. The youth collective is an early initiative sparked by Colabs, a series of discussions beginning last year that gathers disparate stakeholders across the social service sector to exchange ideas, including philanthropists, businesses, non-profit groups and sector experts. Colabs is led and funded by CFS and NVPC.

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A Call for Collaborative Giving: Closing the Gap for Disadvantaged Young Persons

The first Colabs publication discusses the challenges that disadvantaged young persons face at home, such as an unconducive family environment. It examines how these challenges impacted the young persons’ educational attainment and social mobility, and offers suggestions as to how givers could collaborate to close the gap for these individuals.

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Making collaboration a reality

Collaboration for social change has been a hot topic of late, but how do we get there? These three factors could help, says Joyce Teo, Deputy CEO of CFS.

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Colabs: doing more for persons with disabilities

The Colabs Disability series focuses on pathways of engagement and employment for persons with disabilities – exploring different pathways, identifying opportunities for action and catalysing collaboration to attain greater access to services for care and support.

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Colabs workshop: A day in their shoes

“Poor people are just lazy.”
“Why won’t they just send their kids to school?”
“We don’t want them to be over-reliant on handouts.”

Is this how we think of those who are poor? Do we really know what it is like to be poor in Singapore?

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Lunar New Year celebrations and collaborations 2017

CFS’s annual Lunar New Year appreciation lunch is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our donors, charities and partners for their unwavering support. This year, NVPC joined CFS as co-host as we launched Colabs – a learning network that brings together different stakeholders in the giving system to enable greater and deeper social impact.

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