Corporate Sustainability

Since our inception in 2008, CFS has always championed social causes and the highest standards of governance through our approach to philanthropy and donor stewardship. 

As the need for climate reformation grows in urgency, we are expanding to include more environmental causes in our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach.

CEO Statement

Embolden Action

To maintain a good quality of life for all, for today and generations to come, there is an increasing need for sustainability, at the global, national, organisational and personal levels.

CFS as a Sustainable Organisation

We walk the talk at CFS by adopting Social and Environmental measures internally. In this way, we strive to lower our carbon footprint and contribute in our own way to a more hospitable planet.

Environment Expansion

As CFS evolves against the backdrop of climate change, we continually expand our focus to include environmental funding opportunities for donors. In addition, conserving the natural environment also helps to mitigate future social issues.

CFS in the Community

CFS has played a strong role in the community, facilitating philanthropy and supporting charities in the service of care recipients. Through our work, we have been advocates of the Social facet of ESG as well as many of the socially oriented SDGs.

Strong Governance

As a holder of Institute of Public Character status, CFS rigorously adheres to and upholds the Code of Governance as well as all applicable laws and regulations. We also exercise fiscal prudence and evaluate the Governance of the charities we work with.

Our Environmental Efforts

Environmental Grants

CFS works with charities and the National University of Singapore to provide donors with opportunities to conserve the environment and reform the climate through Green Philanthropy.

Going Paperless

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Inspired during the Circuit Breaker in 2020, CFS began replacing hard copy forms with electronic versions. We also save paper by emailing our donors their biannual statements as PDFs.

Reduced Travel

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Beyond the safe distancing measures, CFS encourages staff to work from home, to reduce our carbon footprint in traveling. We also provided subsidies for the additional utility bills they may incur in doing so.

Our Social Strengths

Social Grants

We work closely with hundreds of charities in Singapore, to identify and evaluate philanthropic opportunities supporting various marginalised communities, for our donors to support.

Collective Impact

Through our own Community Impact Funds and collective groups, CFS works with various charity partners to bridge identified gaps in society.

Staff Support

CFS looks out for the welfare of our staff, believing that a happy and healthy workforce will result in a passionate and driven team.

Our Governance Principles

Compliance with the Code

CFS has IPC status, which means we adhere to the Code of Governance. Our two awards at the Charity Transparency and Governance Awards 2019 are a testament to our robust governance standards.

Charity Checks

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CFS conducts a governance check on charities, as well as evaluates all grant applications, to help ascertain the sustainable impact of our donors’ contributions.

Charity Governance Awards 2019

Donor Due Diligence

We conduct a thorough background check on all prospective donors, to help ensure that donations are not obtained through illicit means and to gain a better understanding of our donors.

Philanthropic Opportunities for Donors

CFS offers a range of philanthropic opportunities for donors to make an impact, addressing the entire range of Sustainable Development Goals along all three ESG aspects: Environmental, Social and Governance.