Accessing Quality Education: Beyond the Classroom Walls

The education of a generation is an extensive and complex undertaking. Consider the span of time it takes to bring a single individual from nursery …

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How philanthropy can help tackle gender-based online harms

Technology and the Internet have made our lives better in many ways. But they are also facilitating an alarming increase in online abuse, particularly of …

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How much does a Singapore household need for a basic standard of living?

In a study of household budgets by Dr Ng Kok Hoe (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy), A/P Teo Youyenn (Nanyang Technological University), Dr …

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Photo Credit: Eng Visuals

Homeless during the pandemic: how our Sayang Sayang Fund responded with agility

Photo Credit: Eng Visuals When Singapore locked down during the pandemic, homelessness became a visible, urgent issue. Cross-border commuters and people that had lost their …

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Fewer homeless people sleeping on S’pore streets last year; city area has highest number

The second nationwide street count of the homeless in Singapore found 1,036 people in 2021. PHOTO: ST FILE The number of homeless people in Singapore …

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How Family Offices Could Shape Philanthropy

Singapore has a long history of family philanthropy. The first family foundations were established after World War II and they donated generously to alleviate poverty, care for the vulnerable and build schools and hospitals. Today, there are over 400 foundations…

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