Frequently asked questions

CFS can help you find the best way to give effectively. Besides aligning your core values and intent with the needs of the community, we have the knowledge and grantmaking expertise to build a strategic and meaningful plan to reach your goals.

We offer a full range of donor services and programmes to help manage your giving plans, follow up on your donation and report on the results. We also provide access to resources and research to help identify charities that best match your interests. Our suite of advisory and administrative support services helps you give with ease and confidence. CFS also regularly performs due diligence of charitable organisations to provide full accountability for your donation.

At CFS, we allow individuals, families and corporations to establish a customised charitable fund without being burdened by the tax liabilities, regulation requirements and administrative hassles that come with setting up a private foundation. To minimise costs and achieve greater returns, funds are pooled for investment management purposes, making it possible for a smaller individual fund to enjoy the same economies of scale as a large independent foundation.
CFS works with over 400 charitable, civic and non-profit organisations to develop impactful programmes and fund causes that can make a difference and transform communities in Singapore. We perform regular due diligence of these charitable organisations to verify compliance with criteria and guidelines.

As a charity (no: 002119) with Institution of Public Character (IPC) status, CFS is able to issue tax–deductible receipts for you at the prevailing tax deduction rate. We also make it easier for you to claim tax deductions. More information on donations and tax deductions here.

As a general rule, CFS can accept any type of asset as long as it is marketable and does not have any liability. Most often, funds are started through a gift of cash, real estate, stocks or shares.

Our audit partner KPMG conducts an independent audit of our financial statements every year. Our audited financial information is available here.

A flow-through fund allows you to distribute the money as quickly or as slowly as you wish, depending on your preference. The fund will not be invested and will be kept liquid until it has been disbursed as grants. An endowment fund is where your contributions are held at CFS in perpetuity and invested with annual returns directed to charitable causes of your choice. An investible flow-through fund is where your donation is held at CFS and invested. Investment returns as well as the principal amount are directed to charitable causes of your choice.

This depends on whether you wish to have on-going involvement in grant disbursements from your fund, or if you prefer CFS to decide based on community needs. You should also consider if you want the fund to be drawn down quickly, or exist in perpetuity. Other things to consider are your areas of interest and charitable goals.
Our fees vary depending on the nature of the fund and range from 1% for individual donors to 5% for corporations. Fees depend on the value of the endowed funds or the amount of grant disbursed, whichever is applicable. We do not charge any set-up fees.
Every grant that goes out needs to be pre-approved by our Programmes and Grants Committee to ensure that the programmes are in line with CFS’s objectives. The committee is made up of experienced members of the community who have an up-to-date overview of the non-profit landscape in Singapore.
All funds are managed by our Investment Committee which comprises experienced professionals who are directly connected to the financial industry. Their in-depth experience and knowledge ensures that funds are invested responsibly, to achieve stable returns.
Donors receive a six-monthly donor statement with updates on their fund balance, donation history and grants disbursed. Some donors may also receive regular reports of the charities and programmes they are supporting.
You can still make an impact and support your favourite cause or charity beyond your lifetime. You can nominate CFS in your will or name us as a beneficiary of your insurance plans or CPF monies. On your passing, we will honour your wishes.

CFS safeguards our donors’ details, confidentiality and we hold our donors’ interests in high regard as stated in CFS’s Deed Terms and Conditions. CFS strictly adheres to our PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) policy.

We will not share donor details or contact donors for matters not directly relating to the grantmaking recommendations specified within donors’ philanthropic plans. We are mindful of our donors’ requirements, and will limit taking up our donors’ time beyond what is required.

CFS values our charity partners and endeavours to treat all partners and programmes objectively and fairly and recommend grantees and programmes to our donors based on merits and needs. We will not conduct fundraising on behalf of partners, specifically benefitting any charity or programme.

CFS is cause neutral and strives to be impartial in our engagements with donors and grantees and the development of programmes and activities. We welcome the submission of programme or funding opportunities which will be duly assessed for quality and offered to our donors alongside other eligible programmes in accordance to donors’ interests.