Stories of impact


Supporting ITE Students through COVID

As many as 80 percent of ITE students come from low-income families and are receiving bursaries from the government. Kintan Teo is one of them. Her family of four survived on just $800 a month before COVID-19 struck. Her mother, the sole breadwinner, was working as a cleaner.

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The REDAS Solidarity Project Fund: Caring for migrant workers affected by COVID-19

Among the vulnerable communities in Singapore impacted by COVID-19, it is the community of migrant workers who have toiled invisibly to help build our nation that has been very heavily affected. Infection amongst their community has been widespread, and a large number of them are confined to their dormitories, unable to leave.

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Helping migrant workers with a home and a heart

When Li Meimei*, a single mother of two young children from Chongqing, China came to Singapore last year, she had hoped to be able to work to pay off the loan of RMB 200,000 (SGD 40,000) which she had taken out in her home country.

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Equipping the marginalised to create a future for themselves

When Zaza’s only daughter was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, Zaza felt lost and powerless to decide the fate of her child. Coupled with the ongoing process of a divorce, her situation grew more desperate, plunging her into depression and hopelessness.

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Thank you for the Sayang Sayang!

The Sayang Sayang Fund, a Community Impact Fund started by the Community Foundation of Singapore, provides support for healthcare workers and vulnerable communities such as isolated seniors and low-income families who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Celebrating women who give in different ways

It is seldom that we honour the accomplishments of women who give their all without asking anything in return, whose humanitarianism managed to achieve great success against all odds. International Women’s Day is one such day of reflection and remembrance of the efforts of women all around the world, both past and present. It looks back on the struggles of women from the past like Rosa Parks, the ‘first lady of civil rights’, who strove for an equal and fairer society to empower the women of the future.

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International Women’s Forum Singapore: Guiding Young Women towards Achieving their Dreams

Education is a powerful social leveller, and the youngest Nobel Peace laureate in the world Malala Yousafzai will readily attest to that. In fact, it is her life’s mission to make sure young girls and women all over the world are lifted out of poverty through receiving equal access to an education.

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Giving back through art

When Lebanese painter Marie-jose Jed was looking to adopt a charity for her art exhibition, a chance conversation with a friend turned into an opportunity to collaborate with the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS).

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Relaxed Fund – helping SAAC clients through horticulture

CFS donor George Jacobs, who created the Relaxed Fund, advocates a vegan lifestyle. Promoting horticulture was his way of championing this, at the same time helping the clients at the St Andrews Autism Centre (SAAC).

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Motivating trainees towards a brighter future

In recent years, Singapore’s education system has been seeking to move beyond academic grades to a more holistic approach towards learning. Seeking to change broader mindsets towards the value of applied learning and work experience, Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE) has been steadily championing a ‘work-study’ approach through its Traineeship Scheme.

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The Business Times: A S$10m fund with a difference to address Singapore’s social issues

Lunch affairs with Singapore Exchange (SGX) head of global sales and origination and executive vice-president, Chew Sutat, does not come cheap. But it is not because he prefers fine dining or a lavish meal, but rather, he is always looking out for opportunities to raise funds.

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HOME: Helping vulnerable migrant workers through crisis

With almost one million low-wage migrant workers in Singapore, there is an increasing appreciation of the important role they play in our society. Yet, while migrant workers make up a significant part of our social fabric, their issues and challenges may often remain invisible from public view.

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