Stories of impact


Relaxed Fund – helping SAAC clients through horticulture

CFS donor George Jacobs, who created the Relaxed Fund, advocates a vegan lifestyle. Promoting horticulture was his way of championing this, at the same time helping the clients at the St Andrews Autism Centre (SAAC).

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Motivating trainees towards a brighter future

In recent years, Singapore’s education system has been seeking to move beyond academic grades to a more holistic approach towards learning. Seeking to change broader mindsets towards the value of applied learning and work experience, Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE) has been steadily championing a ‘work-study’ approach through its Traineeship Scheme.

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The Business Times: A S$10m fund with a difference to address Singapore’s social issues

Lunch affairs with Singapore Exchange (SGX) head of global sales and origination and executive vice-president, Chew Sutat, does not come cheap. But it is not because he prefers fine dining or a lavish meal, but rather, he is always looking out for opportunities to raise funds.

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HOME: Helping vulnerable migrant workers through crisis

With almost one million low-wage migrant workers in Singapore, there is an increasing appreciation of the important role they play in our society. Yet, while migrant workers make up a significant part of our social fabric, their issues and challenges may often remain invisible from public view.

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Learning Initiatives for Employment (LIFT) Community Impact Fund

Learning Initiatives for Employment (LIFT) Community Impact Fund – Training and placing marginalised individuals into stable jobs

The LIFT Community Impact Fund supports programmes that provide vocational training and social support for marginalised groups in Singapore before placing them in jobs in the open market. The programmes target persons with disabilities, persons recovering from mental illnesses, disadvantaged women and youth-at-risk.

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International Women’s Forum: From seeding bursaries to expanding horizons for young women

Started in 2014 and managed by CFS, the IWF Education Fund has been supporting young women from financially-challenged backgrounds during their tertiary education. To date, the IWF Education Grant has disbursed over $150,000 to 60 young women from 12 local tertiary institutions.

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Reading Odyssey – Building confidence and motivation through reading

Reading Odyssey – a community-based project by SHINE Children & Youth Services – empowers disadvantaged children from Kindergarten Two to Primary Six, to enjoy reading with meaning, knowledge and understanding. The programme is run in collaboration with various community partners at seven centres across Singapore.

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Business Times: Size no barrier to structured corporate giving

Many owners of Singapore’s small and medium-sized enterprises would gladly give back to their community. But, without the heft larger corporations have, it is easy for them to resign themselves to thinking that each dollar they give won’t go as far, says Lim Wei-Jen, founder of trust and wealth management company Liontrust. He wants his company’s giving to count for more.

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Business Times: As they received, they now give

Education, and the generosity of others, changed Trina Liang-Lin and Edmund Lin’s lives. She was impressed by a donation made to build her school’s hall, and both received scholarships to advance their studies. Having done well in their careers, they decided to set up their fund to support various causes they care about, such as education, gender equality and the arts.

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Business Times: The beauty of giving to those you do not know

Businessman and philanthropist Govind Bommi spends his Thursday mornings volunteering at the Tampines centre, befriending seniors who are there to receive physiotherapy or other forms of rehabilitative care after conditions such as a stroke, Parkinson’s or arthritis. He does not speak Mandarin or any of the Chinese dialects that most of the regulars are most comfortable with. But that’s been no barrier to friendship.

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Business Times: Preserving a century-old legacy of giving

To Keith Chua, the boy, she was the stern matriarch of their large, Peranakan family, to be approached with deference. To the older and bolder teenager, she drew closer – the great-grandmother glad to chat about his day over tea or a shared meal. But only years after, as an established entrepreneur with a family of his own, did Mr Chua truly feel the impact of her life on his own, thanks to the impact Mrs Lee Choon Guan had had on others.

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Care Corner Educational Therapy Service – Tackling gaps for children with special learning needs

Care Corner’s Educational Therapy Services has been serving children with special learning needs in mainstream schools from Kindergarten 1 to Primary 6. More than half of its students are from lower-income families, where lack of financial resources often means delayed diagnosis or access to tuition.

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