Ways to give

Why give through CFS

Giving should be a rewarding experience. At CFS, we can help find the best way to give back by matching your giving goals with the needs of the community.

Philanthropy advisory

Reach your philanthropic goals with a tailored strategy to optimise the scope of your giving. With our knowledge of community needs and giving opportunities, CFS can help translate your interests and goals into a defined plan.

Managing your fund

We are here to help make the giving process simple and seamless for you. By centralising your giving with CFS, you can leave all the administrative work to us, save on legal expenses and enjoy tax deductions upfront. You will also receive half-yearly statements tracking incoming donations to your fund and outgoing disbursements to charities.

Safeguarding your grants

CFS maps your interests and preferred causes, then helps navigate the charitable sector by bridging your giving intent to funding needs within the community. As your trusted partner in philanthropy, we ensure that all grants are made with high levels of care and accountability involving charity due diligence, programme evaluation, targeted grantmaking and outcomes reporting.

Keeping you engaged

For a more hands-on giving experience, we keep you engaged throughout the giving process. You can opt to visit the charities you are supporting, and if you are interested, there will be opportunities for you to deepen your understanding of the local landscape.

Types of causes and support

What would you like to achieve? Whom would you like to help? How would you like to do this? For a rewarding giving experience, it is important to find the best fit – taking into consideration your charitable goals and the desired impact.

Some causes include access to education, equal opportunity for all, social mobility, physical and mental health, environmental sustainability and arts & heritage.

There are various ways to contribute to a cause – these include funding bursaries, scholarships, programmes, pilot projects, capacity building or general operating support.

Types of gifts

You may give to honour your family, values, business ethos or heritage. Your giving may even be inspired by a life experience or a wish to create a legacy.

CFS has devised several ways for you to bring your philanthropic ideas to life – to create greater impact and reach your charitable objectives.

In selecting a suitable type of donor-advised fund, you are actively involved in deciding how to make the most of your philanthropic money. Here are some ways:

  • Flow-through fund is ideal for those who want to create immediate impact. You can start making grants to causes and charities you value most today, see the results and evaluate if they meet your philanthropic goals in the long run.
  • Endowment fund is where your donation is held at CFS in perpetuity and invested. Payout from the investment is directed to charitable causes of your choice. For those planning to set up a scholarship or supporting a charity over the long term, this fund is a good option.
  • Investible flow-through fund is where your donation is held at CFS and invested. Investment returns as well as the principal amount are directed to charitable causes of your choice. This gives you the ability to multiply your giving while still having the flexibility to disburse larger grants from your fund.

Legacy giving lets you make a lasting impact on the lives of future generations, far beyond the measure of your lifetime.

It is the best way to benefit a cause or charity that you care about now and in the future. By making a legacy gift, you provide enduring support to the causes that matter most to you, while securing your own legacy forever. You may also leave your gift unrestricted to provide flexibility in meeting the evolving needs of the community.

To plan a legacy gift, you can start by setting up an endowment fund in your name or in memory of a loved one. Giving in memory lets a family celebrate the life of a loved one by supporting a cause close to their hearts. Find out more.

A memorial fund is a thoughtful way to remember your loved one and at the same time make an impact on the community. Memorial giving lets friends and family celebrate the life of a loved one by supporting a cause close to their hearts.

Fostering collaboration is critical to our efforts to amplify the impact of philanthropy across diverse segments of our society. CFS brings together different perspectives, experienced expertise and innovative solutions to tackle these community needs. With this dual mission to enhance impact and promote engagement in social issues, CFS continues to develop platforms for collaboration enabling diverse stakeholders to share knowledge, co-create solutions and give together. Find out more.