Apply for a grant

Who we work with

We look for charitable partners whose core work aligns with our grantmaking priorities. The following provides a good framework to review your work and see if applying a grant from CFS is a feasible option for your organisation. We look for grantees who:
  • Base their programmes on research about what works.
  • Actively collect information about the results of their programmes.
  • Systematically analyse this information meaningfully.
  • Adjust their activities in response to new information.
  • Operate with an absolute focus on producing results or impact.

Grant qualifying criteria

The grant request must be able to meet all of the following criteria:
  • Meet community needs in Singapore. This refers to the community at large in Singapore and excludes any initiatives outside of the country.
  • Be carried out by a charitable organisation that is secular, non-political and be registered in Singapore or is part of such an organisation. Excludes individual persons or private companies.
  • Must fall within CFS’ mandate e.g. relief of poverty, advancement of education, health, arts, environment, sport that advances health, etc. This excludes advancement of religion and support for any political organisation or purpose.
  • Programmes – whether direct or support services – that benefits the community in Singapore. Such programmes may be new or existing. Excludes displacement of existing source of funding and CAPEX costs. Can include manpower costs and overheads needed to run the programme.
  • Shows a clearly identified gap or need and articulates how the programme can address it. There should be concise explanation of the current problem and how the results of the programme will solve this problem.
  • Have a strong component of creating sustainable impact and be able to meet agreed deliverables. Includes indicators that measure the intended results or impact of the programme e.g. number of recipients helped, % improvement from current situation etc. There should also be a clear, self-sustainable plan after funding ends.
All grants are made in consultation with our donors so as to meet their charitable goals and intent. A grant application will typically go through these stages:

How to apply for a grant

Should you wish to apply, please get in touch with us to clarify any doubts before you fill in our grant request form. We recognise that it takes time and effort to complete proposals, and strongly encourage applicants to clarify any doubts regarding funding criteria prior to commencing your proposal.

All applications are subject to CFS’ approval. Grants, if given, are subject to terms and conditions. CFS reserves the right to change the criteria and terms and conditions of the grant without prior notice.