What we support

Programmes with sustainable impact

We work with charitable organisations to fund programmes that serve a diverse range of community needs in Singapore. By collaborating with charities to develop impactful projects, we ensure that every grant that goes out from CFS creates positive change.

To receive a grant, charities should have good and sustainable programme ideas that meet the following criteria:

  • Focus on clearly identified problem areas, opportunities or social gaps that are under-supported.
  • Shows a clear link on how the programme can create sustainable impact beyond the duration of funding.
  • Have potential to scale even if they are ad hoc pilot programmes.
  • Offer measurable outcome and benefits to the community or recipients

As part of our due diligence and programme assessment, we will work closely with you to refine and present your proposals to donors.

Charities are also expected to demonstrate good stewardship of funds so as to build strong donor relationships and sustainable programmes.

Do note that we do not support fundraising for overseas community projects.

Charitable causes we support

Accessing Quality Education

Ensure everyone has access to quality, holistic education and opportunities for them to function and thrive in society.

Ageing Well

Enable seniors to remain active and purposeful for a better quality of life in their golden years.

Climate And Environment

Spur climate reformation through solutions such as clean energy, carbon sequestration and wildlife conservation.

Improving Employability

Help individuals be independent, contributing members of society through gainful employment.

Mental Well-being

Support care recipients and caregivers in improving their mental health and resilience.

Animal Welfare

Improve the lives of animals, and the harmonious coexistence of the human and animal populations.

Arts And Heritage

Preserve our culture and evolve art forms by growing local artistic talent.

Caregiver Support

Support professional and informal caregivers in their care for their care recipients.

Direct Aid

Give immediate and short-term assistance for the livelihoods of those in urgent need.

Inclusivity And Integration

Cultivate a culture to help marginalised and disadvantaged individuals integrate seamlessly with the general community as equals.

Leaving With Dignity

Provide palliative care for those near the end of their life, so they may enjoy a quality of life with dignity.

Promoting Healthcare

Promote a healthier nation through education, research, prevention and cures, for care givers and patients.


Groom sports talents and recreational sport participation for a healthier and more active community.