How to get started

Setting up your own fund is easier than you think. Here are seven simple steps to guide you along.


Identify your cause

Think about what charitable cause you wish to support. It can be specific like a particular non-profit organisation or school, or something generic like ‘general charitable purposes in line with CFS’ charitable objectives.’


Decide on how much to donate

Your donation can be an upfront lump sum or it can be a pledged amount.


Determine what kind of fund to set up

You can choose to set up a flow through fund, endowment fund or term endowment fund.


Name the fund

You can name the fund after yourself, your family, corporation, cause or something else entirely. You may also choose to remain anonymous.


Form a Grant Advisory Committee

CFS will usually take instructions from you when it comes to grantmaking. However, you may also form a Grant Advisory Committee (GAC) to help you with decision-making. A GAC is useful when yours is an endowment fund.


Complete a simple deed agreement

A deed agreement will be prepared for you and CFS to agree, sign and seal. This agreement will include the name of the fund, your charitable intent and donation value.


Activate your fund

Once you make the first donation, your fund will be put into action.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us at 6550 9529 or to set up a donor fund today.