The Spooner Road Project – Reaching children and youths at the margins

Located in an enclave of public rented flats in central Singapore, the Spooner Road centre is housed amidst a transient, vulnerable community of over 300 families. Many families often arrive here after losing their home due to financial issues. The physical isolation of these flats means everyday resources are not easily accessible here. This led Students Care Service to start the Spooner Road Project in mid-2015.

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Charting your legacy

If you’re wondering how you can start planning on leaving a legacy, Catherine Loh, CEO of the Community Foundation of Singapore, shares her insights.

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Giving through the generations

Is there room for diverse giving styles in creating one’s personal and family legacy? It’s possible, shares two prominent families at the recent CRIB x CFS Legacy and Impact event.

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CFS Annual Report 2017

The CFS Annual Report 2017 has just been published. This year’s Annual Report sums up CFS’s effective work with donors and charity partners for the year as we continue to impact diverse communities. Download your copy now..

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Arts for the community

Giving to the arts can benefit the lives of the disadvantaged says Anne-Marie Clavelli, Head of Development & Strategy at CFS.

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联合早报: 纳丹社工助学金 供南洋理工生申请 Lianhe Zaobao: Nathan Social Work Award open for applications from Nanyang Polytechnic students


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The Straits Times: The ST Guide To… giving to charity

For those with fatter wallets and who hope to create a greater impact with their gift, they can even consider setting up a charitable fund to give to causes close to their hearts. For example, the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), a non-profit group, helps donors find a more structured and sustainable way of giving by providing advice and managing their charitable fund.

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Colabs workshop: A day in their shoes

“Poor people are just lazy.”
“Why won’t they just send their kids to school?”
“We don’t want them to be over-reliant on handouts.”

Is this how we think of those who are poor? Do we really know what it is like to be poor in Singapore?

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BLLNR: How to donate time and money to a charity effectively

While the notion of giving is indeed widespread, it isn’t easy to commit to help those in need when you find yourself caught up in today’s ever-changing environment. The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) is one such organisation that facilitates this line of work.

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New Year celebrations and collaborations 2017

This year, CFS’s annual appreciation lunch was held on 8 February at the Regent Singapore. Some 120 guests attended the event which is CFS’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to our donors, charities and partners for their unwavering support. True to the spirit of celebrations, there were happy handshakes, endless conversations and a festive, convivial atmosphere all around. Donors met charity partners, old friends made new friends.

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TODAY – Successful philanthropy: Doing good takes more than just giving

Whether you’re giving for one of these reasons or something else, taking the time to figure out your goal can lead to a more meaningful experience. As Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) CEO Catherine Loh told TODAY, “It is important to find the right fit, taking into consideration your values, charitable goals and impact you want to make.

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The Straits Times: Philip Yeo biography raises more than $500k for charity

“More than half a million dollars have been raised for charity in conjunction with the launch of former senior bureaucrat Philip Yeo’s biography, Neither Civil Nor Servant.” The funds collected by the Economic Development Innovations Singapore (EDIS) – which Mr Yeo chairs – will go towards helping underprivileged children, via the company’s corporate social responsibility arm, EDIS Cares.

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