“After reading the book, it became quite clear to me that she was a pioneer in many ways.”

Keith Chua
Mrs Lee Choon Guan Fund

“Someone who had no relation to the school made a donation to build the hall. I found it so meaningful and made a mental note of that.”

Trina Liang-Lin and Edmund Lin
Lin Foundation

“She believed that if you had enough, you should share it with others because we are only temporary keepers of what we own.”

Govind Bommi
Andal Cares Fund

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In their words

Be it a random act of kindness, a family member’s compassion or a long tradition of philanthropy, our donors have found the reason behind why they give. These are their stories.

Portraits of our donors


Keith Chua, Mrs Lee Choon Guan Fund

Keith Chua has a long family legacy centred around philanthropy. It started with his great-grandmother Mrs Lee Choon Guan. She made a name for herself, fighting for causes that championed education, women and girls. Today, he continues the legacy she started and hopes to pass it on.

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Trina Liang-Lin and Edmund Lin, Lin Foundation

Trina Liang-Lin and Edmund Lin benefitted from the kindness of others when they were growing up. Now, they want to give back to others who need a helping hand in life. To celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, the couple decided to start a foundation for causes they are passionate about.

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Govind Bommi, Andal Cares Fund

Govind Bommi did not come from a well-to-do family that didn’t have much, but his mother always helped anyone in need. Through his life, he has done his best to emulate her generous and compassionate ways, even as he set up home in a new community. For him, giving back where he lives is important.

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Yeo Suan Wei, CampVision ‘Live Your Dreams’ Fund

Growing up, Yeo Suan Wei often felt like she was never good enough. As a successful working professional, she co-founded CampVision – a programme that empowers marginalised youths to realise their dreams through an adventure of equals.

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Liontrust, Liontrust Charity Fund

The founder of this trust and wealth management company aimed to give back to the community when Liontrust starting making profits. For the last few years, he and his management have given their time and money to support disadvantaged children. This is Liontrust’s way of doing its part to help others.

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