Singapore Tatler: CRIB X CFS Legacy Building And Impact Series

Investors and like-minded philanthropists invited by CRIB and the Community Foundation of Singapore gathered at Grand Park Orchard for a panel discussion on November 1.

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CFS Annual Report 2017

The CFS Annual Report 2017 has just been published. This year’s Annual Report sums up CFS’s effective work with donors and charity partners for the year as we continue to impact diverse communities. Download your copy now..

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Lianhe Zaobao: Nathan Social Work Award open for applications from Nanyang Polytechnic students

The S R Nathan Education Upliftment Fund was launched on 19 September 2011 in conjunction with the publication of the late Mr Nathan’s memoirs, “An Unexpected Journey”.

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The Straits Times: The ST Guide To… giving to charity

For those with fatter wallets and who hope to create a greater impact with their gift, they can even consider setting up a charitable fund to give to causes close to their hearts. For example, the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), a non-profit group, helps donors find a more structured and sustainable way of giving by providing advice and managing their charitable fund.

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BLLNR: How to donate time and money to a charity effectively

While the notion of giving is indeed widespread, it isn’t easy to commit to help those in need when you find yourself caught up in today’s ever-changing environment. The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) is one such organisation that facilitates this line of work.

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ChannelNewsAsia: New film project to unearth stories about Singaporeans from the 1970s to the 1990s

15 films by 15 local filmmakers inspired by real-life stories of good from the ground. This homegrown project combining film and philanthropy is looking to crowdsource support through the Stories of Us Fund managed by the Community Foundation of Singapore.

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The Peak Singapore: How responsible businesses can make their philanthropic dollars travel further

The Peak Singapore put CEO Catherine Loh in the ‘Hot Seat’ to find out how companies can ensure their money is best used for philanthropy.

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The Business Times: Collective action to meet community needs sustainably

When CFS launched CoLABS with NVPC in early 2017, we were exploring uncharted territories by piloting new ways for more effective giving. Comprising the public, private and people sector, the network rallies passionate individuals who believe in the value of collaboration.

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The Business Times: EDIS manages CSR like a business

EDIS’s sustainable giving plan is enabled by the EDIS Cares Fund which CFS helped to set up and manage. The EDIS Cares Fund creates opportunities for children from low-income families to reach their full potential.

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TODAY – Successful philanthropy: Doing good takes more than just giving

Whether you’re giving for one of these reasons or something else, taking the time to figure out your goal can lead to a more meaningful experience. As Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) CEO Catherine Loh told TODAY, “It is important to find the right fit, taking into consideration your values, charitable goals and impact you want to make.

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The Straits Times: Philip Yeo biography raises more than $500k for charity

“More than half a million dollars have been raised for charity in conjunction with the launch of former senior bureaucrat Philip Yeo’s biography, Neither Civil Nor Servant.” The funds collected by the Economic Development Innovations Singapore (EDIS) – which Mr Yeo chairs – will go towards helping underprivileged children, via the company’s corporate social responsibility arm, EDIS Cares.

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The Law Gazette – Make Giving Better: The Role of the Community Foundation of Singapore

“In a nutshell, CFS manages donated assets to generate resources in support of charitable causes. By pooling donated assets from various sources, CFS is able to keep management costs low through the economies of scale. Donors who are just embarking on philanthropy may find that through CFS they could better learn about the real needs of society and also learn how to structure and monitor their giving – CFS is therefore a good “starter-kit” for new philanthropists.”

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The Business Times – Educational giving vital in breaking poverty cycle: Ng Chee Meng

“Speaking at the sixth annual global Credit Suisse philanthropists forum on 17 November 2016, Minister for Education (Schools) Ng Chee Meng said that governments could support a cycle of giving through the private sector and that non-profit organisations can advise donors and help match their donations to worthy causes. For example, the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre and the Community Foundation of Singapore have been promoting a giving culture over the years.”

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Social Space issue 8: Collective philanthropy – the strength of giving together

“Giving to charity has never been a solitary activity in any culture. People have joined together to give for millennia. In Asia, clan associations, religious groups or just friends have enjoyed the benefits of giving as a group. But there appears to be a renaissance of collective giving with the advent of more organised, strategic and outcome-focused philanthropy. “

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Lianhe Zaobao: CFS has helped donors set up more than 80 funds in the past 8 years

From helping the elderly to the S R Nathan Education Upliftment Fund, CFS has grown from seven to 80 funds in eight years, supporting a wide range of causes.

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The Peak Power List 2016 honours 10 leaders in philanthropy and social enterprise

Congratulations to CFS Board member Keith Chua and donor Lim Siong Guan of the Leading Foundation on being selected for The Peak Singapore Power List 2016. This year, The Peak honoured 10 leaders in philanthropy and social enterprise who have worked tirelessly towards building a sustainable future for the public good.

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The Asian Parent: Is your bub safe with infant educarers? This carer tells all!

“When it’s time to leave her baby at the infant care centre, a thousand odd doubts usually crop up in a working mummy’s head. “What if she refuses the bottle? There are so many babies here, are they even going to notice him? What if he falls? Is she going to miss me? I hope she won’t hate me for this?”

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The Straits Times: Teen violinist with an astonishing maturity

“Fifty years ago, the classical music scene in Singapore was spearheaded by Goh Soon Tioe (1911-1982), violinist, pedagogue, conductor and all-round music entrepreneur. His name lives on in the award created in his memory, given to exceptional young Singaporean string players and administered by his daughters Vivien and Sylvia, and the Community Foundation of Singapore.”

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