Why Sayang Sayang Fund?

Fighting the impact of COVID-19 with the power of giving
The Sayang Sayang Fund is established as an agile, community response fund to convene donors and community partners to provide targeted support for vulnerable communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Impact in Numbers

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Figures updated as of 16 July 2020

Our Initiatives


A ground-up partnership between the Ministry of Education, CFS and community donors, Recess@Home provides meal subsidies for needy students during full Home-Based Learning.


Targeting 500 vulnerable seniors during this period of social distancing, SeniorsOK@Home empowers community ambassadors on house visits with emergency funding.


Rough-sleepers living on the streets are at risk and in need of immediate shelter especially during the COVID-19 period.This initiative aids rough sleepers in finding temporary lodging, daily necessities and food supplies.


With the rise in community cases within Singapore’s migrant worker community, MigrantsOK@Home supports charitable organisations with their operational needs. 


This initiative provides transport vouchers and appreciation funds to frontline workers, including ancillary staff, in both public and community organisations.


This initiative targets support for innovation and pilots in technology and equipment to enhance the safety of our healthcare workers in hospitals and nursing facilities.


Partnering with social researchers, this initiative aims to highlight the strengths and gaps in social policies and emergency response funds, and offer recommendations to better manage the impact of similar health crises.


This initiative aids local social enterprises providing employment or services to marginalised communities to reinvent themselves to remain in business.

Community Grant Call

The grant call will allow charities to defray the costs incurred by community partners in ensuring the well-being of their clients through enhanced preventive solution.

Our Impact

Inspired by the work and cause of the Sayang Sayan Inspired by the work and cause of the Sayang Sayang Fund, the Temasek Polytechnic Dance Club (TPDE) started the LOVE-19 project on ‪giving.sg‬ in support of the vulnerable seniors, low-income families and migrant workers.
A family of individuals united by a common passion for dance, TPDE launched the LOVE-19 project with a dance video on the importance of the human connection to inspire Singaporeans to help those in need. The project received donations via online dance classes taught by established TPDE alumni, and raised a total of $1825!
Thank you TPDE for supporting the Sayang Sayang Fund!
Read more about TPDE and the LOVE-19 project: https://bit.ly/3k4HBQK
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CFS wholeheartedly endorses the REDAS Foundation’s efforts to support migrant and healthcare worker communities through the REDAS Solidarity Project Fund. It is encouraging that many of us are showing care and support to our migrant workers who have toiled and built Singapore to where it is today.  They are a critical part of the construction sector.
Read more about it here: https://bit.ly/32imqEj
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As part of efforts to aid the local arts and herit As part of efforts to aid the local arts and heritage scene during COVID-19, CFS has donated $20,000 in support of 20 Arts & Heritage charities through the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC). The City of Good Show, a collaboration between NVPC and the Dream Academy, shines a spotlight on these charities which have faced a decline in donations since the outbreak began.
The Show will air seven episodes ‪from 24th June to 5th August‬, and features stars from the Dream Academy with the likes of @bigdimsumdolly, @pam_oei and the pilot episode’s guest star, @hossanleong!
Do RSVP and catch the first episode via Facebook live ‪TODAY at 8pm‬: https://bit.ly/2YnK2oS We look forward to your generous donations!
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CFS is very proud to be a part of the nationwide e CFS is very proud to be a part of the nationwide efforts to help those most affected by COVID-19. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Singaporeans, $90 million dollars was raised in the months of January to May for the #sayangsayangfund, Community Chest and ‪Giving.sg‬
Through the #sayangsayangfund, 330 projects have been funded by these donations, which help individuals, families and seniors from marginalised backgrounds.
In the encouraging words of Minister for Youth, Culture and Community Ms Grace Fu, ‘Let us continue to grow this spirit of Singapore Together and partner one another to overcome our challenges.’
Well done Singapore!
Read more about the generosity of our Singaporeans: https://bit.ly/31ihQpt
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Catherine Loh, CEO of CFS, at a photo call with Ms Catherine Loh, CEO of CFS, at a photo call with Ms Rosalind Lee, Head of Enterprise Banking, Group Commercial Banking, UOB (extreme left), Ms Loh Shu Ching, Executive Director, Division of Central Health, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (third from left) and Eric Lim, MD Group Finance, UOB.
UOB raised over $1.65 million for the UOB Heartbeat COVID-19 Relief Fund. One of the initiatives supported by the Fund is CFS’s Sayang Sayang Fund – Healthcare Face Shields Project, which will support the production of 500,000 3D-printed face shields for frontline healthcare workers from Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID). These face shields were designed by the NCID for more comfort given the longer-term use.
"For frontline healthcare professionals, many have found their current protective equipment could be made more comfortable for use over a prolonged period of time," says Catherine Loh. "These face shields are timely innovations that can help alleviate such daily challenges, and we're grateful for UOB's leadership and foresight in supporting the production of these beneficial applications."
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We are excited to be at the @avpn_asia Virtual Con We are excited to be at the @avpn_asia Virtual Conference 2020 and hear from industry experts on best practices around the changing face of philanthropy. Join us today; register now: https://conference.avpn.asia#AVPN2020IG
As a social enterprise, it is Bettr Barista’s co As a social enterprise, it is Bettr Barista’s corporate mission to empower and uplift youths at risk and marginalised women to come out on top in life.

Zaza faced challenging circumstances as a struggling, unemployed single mother with little hope in life. With Bettr Barista’s assistance and vocational training, she was able to go from being a struggling, unemployed single parent to become a Barista at the Social Space café. Bettr Barista is a partner of the Learning Initiative for Employment (LIFT) Community Impact Fund, started by the Community Foundation of Singapore in 2019. 
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