Why Sayang Sayang Fund?

Fighting the impact of COVID-19 with the power of giving
The Sayang Sayang Fund is established as an agile, community response fund to convene donors and community partners to provide targeted support for vulnerable communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks for the Sayang Sayang!

We have just concluded our Sayang Sayang Fund campaign on Giving.SG and we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all our generous donors. Your amazing donations of over $9.6m was really heart-warming. It was with your support that we were able to evolve from helping healthcare workers get home safely to a total of nine initiatives that have aided more than 136,000 care recipients. On behalf of all the students and families from low-income households, the homeless, the migrants and the isolated seniors whom your contributions have helped: Thank you for all the Sayang Sayang!

Our Impact in Numbers

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Figures updated as of 17 November 2020

Our Initiatives


A ground-up partnership between the Ministry of Education, CFS and community donors, Recess@Home provides meal subsidies for needy students during full Home-Based Learning.


Targeting 500 vulnerable seniors during this period of social distancing, SeniorsOK@Home empowers community ambassadors on house visits with emergency funding.


Rough-sleepers living on the streets are at risk and in need of immediate shelter especially during the COVID-19 period.This initiative aids rough sleepers in finding temporary lodging, daily necessities and food supplies.


With the rise in community cases within Singapore’s migrant worker community, MigrantsOK@Home supports charitable organisations with their operational needs. 


This initiative provides transport vouchers and appreciation funds to frontline workers, including ancillary staff, in both public and community organisations.


This initiative targets support for innovation and pilots in technology and equipment to enhance the safety of our healthcare workers in hospitals and nursing facilities.


Partnering with social researchers, this initiative aims to highlight the strengths and gaps in social policies and emergency response funds, and offer recommendations to better manage the impact of similar health crises.


This initiative aids local social enterprises providing employment or services to marginalised communities to reinvent themselves to remain in business.

Community Grant Call

The grant call will allow charities to defray the costs incurred by community partners in ensuring the well-being of their clients through enhanced preventive solution.

Our Impact

We are pleased to share that two of our donor-advi We are pleased to share that two of our donor-advised funds have supported the Daughters of Tomorrow’s Eldercare Program. It aims to transform underprivileged women into eldercare providers and address the shortage of manpower in this sector.

Click link in bio to read more about how CFS and our donors are helping to shape a conducive future for Singapore’s elderly community. 

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The recently published World Happiness Report 2021 The recently published World Happiness Report 2021 ranked Singapore 23rd out of 90 countries in terms of happiness. 

The report noted that as a result of the pandemic, general happiness and well-being showed a dip, particularly in vulnerable communities like youths, women and single parents.

Studies had shown a neural link between generosity and happiness. We can all do our part to support these vulnerable communities and achieve happiness at the same time. 

Find out more about how CFS can help you do more with your giving at cf.org.sg

Read the full World Happiness Report 2021 at https://bit.ly/3myB6Y9 

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The Sayang Sayang Fund campaign on Giving.SG had c The Sayang Sayang Fund campaign on Giving.SG had concluded successfully!

To all our generous donors, we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for contributing over $9.6m to the Fund since it was launched on 10 February 2020. 

Your kindness had supported nine initiatives which helped more than 136,000 care recipients. You can find out more at www.cf.org.sg/sayangsayangfund. Thanks for all the Sayang Sayang!

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Last Saturday, our CEO, Catherine Loh participated Last Saturday, our CEO, Catherine Loh participated in the very first hybrid Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) Pitching for Change event, organised by the Singapore International Foundation (siforg ).

At Pitching for Change, 15 shortlisted teams from SIF's Young Social Entrepreneurs programme competed for the top six places, standing to win up to S$20,000 in seed funding. The YSE programme seeks to inspire, equip, and enable youth of different nationalities to launch or scale up their social enterprises in Singapore and beyond.

Application for the next cycle of the YSE Global 2021 is open until 25 April 2021! Visit the SIF website at www.sif.org.sg/yseapply to learn more.

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This March, we celebrate the powerful women in our This March, we celebrate the powerful women in our lives, communities and workplace. Read the article to find our what our CEO, Catherine Loh had to share about how gender parity is critical to success in business, even in our #NFP sector. 

Link in our bio ☺️

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“As women accumulate more wealth, they are also “As women accumulate more wealth, they are also challenging traditional notions of philanthropy.”

With 2021 declared as the year of celebrating SG Women, we see extraordinary opportunities for community philanthropy to unleash potential and drive progress.

Last year, millions of dollars were deployed – for and by women – to mitigate the challenges caused and exacerbated by the pandemic. Looking ahead, we see empowerment and empathy as key.

There is vast potential for women leaders in decision-making positions to participate in change, balanced with an ongoing need for charitable support to help vulnerable women and their families. Our work at CFS centres around inspiring giving for a thriving community.

Hear from CFS’s own Board member Trina Liang-Lin why it makes good sense to acknowledge the pivotal role women play in the home, workplace and society: https://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/three-rising-economic-identities-of-women

Link to the article can be found in our bio as well. 

The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.

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CFS wishes you a warm and happy Chinese New Year f CFS wishes you a warm and happy Chinese New Year full of high energies, new challenges and wonderful opportunities. #cny2021
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On 14 January 2021, Pulau Sambu Singapore Pte Ltd On 14 January 2021, Pulau Sambu Singapore Pte Ltd donated $30,000 to the Sayang Sayang Fund by CFS.
Pulau Sambu may not be easily recognised but they are actually part of the Sambu Group, a world leader in coconut-related products. People in Singapore and across all six continents have enjoyed their flagship brand Kara in its many forms: coconut juice, UHT cream, milk, cream powder and more.
Mr. Henry Fok, GM of Pulau Sambu Singapore Pte Ltd, said: “In line with our corporate value of Social Inclusion, we hope our contribution to Sayang Sayang Fund will help those adversely affected by the pandemic.”
Many thanks to Pulau Sambu Singapore for their generous donation! #SayangSayangFund #philanthropy #giving #CommunityFoundationOfSingapore
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DZ Bank AG, which made a generous $254,761 donatio DZ Bank AG, which made a generous $254,761 donation to the Sayang Sayang Fund, is the second largest private bank in Germany. They have had a presence in Singapore since 1998 and are responsible for South East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Australia. Their 56 staff here are a part of the Singaporean banking community.
That is why, when they got COVID-19 support funds from the Singaporean government, they decided to contribute it to the Singaporean community. They found the work of Sayang Sayang Fund to be outstanding to improve impoverished and disadvantaged communities in Singapore.
They hope that their donation will make life easier for segments of Singapore affected by the pandemic, such as low-income families, vulnerable seniors and foreign workers.
Said Mr Klaus Borig, Managing Director and General Manager, DZ Bank: “We are delighted to make this donation to the Sayang Sayang Fund to help out needy communities in Singapore in such difficult times.”
On behalf of many care recipients, thank you to DZ Bank AG for their generosity! #SayangSayangFund #philanthropy #CommunityFoundationOfSingapore #giving
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
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When the Dr. Lim Boon Tiong Foundation was set up When the Dr. Lim Boon Tiong Foundation was set up with CFS in 2018, his daughters wanted to ensure that the late Dr. Lim’s interests in supporting the elderly and those with urological conditions were fulfilled.
With legacy giving, you too can also make an enduring impact to the causes that you care about. Be it in the form of a perpetual endowment or through expendable gifts, a donated sum which can be spent down, you don’t have to be a billionaire to make a lasting difference to the causes you hold dear to your heart.
Read more about legacy giving and how it makes a real and lasting difference: http://bit.ly/3awYdyv
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