Why Sayang Sayang Fund?

Fighting the impact of COVID-19 with the power of giving
The Sayang Sayang Fund is established as an agile, community response fund to convene donors and community partners to provide targeted support for vulnerable communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Impact in Numbers

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Figures updated as of 17 November 2020

Our Initiatives


A ground-up partnership between the Ministry of Education, CFS and community donors, Recess@Home provides meal subsidies for needy students during full Home-Based Learning.


Targeting 500 vulnerable seniors during this period of social distancing, SeniorsOK@Home empowers community ambassadors on house visits with emergency funding.


Rough-sleepers living on the streets are at risk and in need of immediate shelter especially during the COVID-19 period.This initiative aids rough sleepers in finding temporary lodging, daily necessities and food supplies.


With the rise in community cases within Singapore’s migrant worker community, MigrantsOK@Home supports charitable organisations with their operational needs. 


This initiative provides transport vouchers and appreciation funds to frontline workers, including ancillary staff, in both public and community organisations.


This initiative targets support for innovation and pilots in technology and equipment to enhance the safety of our healthcare workers in hospitals and nursing facilities.


Partnering with social researchers, this initiative aims to highlight the strengths and gaps in social policies and emergency response funds, and offer recommendations to better manage the impact of similar health crises.


This initiative aids local social enterprises providing employment or services to marginalised communities to reinvent themselves to remain in business.

Community Grant Call

The grant call will allow charities to defray the costs incurred by community partners in ensuring the well-being of their clients through enhanced preventive solution.

Our Impact

On 14 January 2021, Pulau Sambu Singapore Pte Ltd On 14 January 2021, Pulau Sambu Singapore Pte Ltd donated $30,000 to the Sayang Sayang Fund by CFS.
Pulau Sambu may not be easily recognised but they are actually part of the Sambu Group, a world leader in coconut-related products. People in Singapore and across all six continents have enjoyed their flagship brand Kara in its many forms: coconut juice, UHT cream, milk, cream powder and more.
Mr. Henry Fok, GM of Pulau Sambu Singapore Pte Ltd, said: “In line with our corporate value of Social Inclusion, we hope our contribution to Sayang Sayang Fund will help those adversely affected by the pandemic.”
Many thanks to Pulau Sambu Singapore for their generous donation! #SayangSayangFund #philanthropy #giving #CommunityFoundationOfSingapore
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DZ Bank AG, which made a generous $254,761 donatio DZ Bank AG, which made a generous $254,761 donation to the Sayang Sayang Fund, is the second largest private bank in Germany. They have had a presence in Singapore since 1998 and are responsible for South East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Australia. Their 56 staff here are a part of the Singaporean banking community.
That is why, when they got COVID-19 support funds from the Singaporean government, they decided to contribute it to the Singaporean community. They found the work of Sayang Sayang Fund to be outstanding to improve impoverished and disadvantaged communities in Singapore.
They hope that their donation will make life easier for segments of Singapore affected by the pandemic, such as low-income families, vulnerable seniors and foreign workers.
Said Mr Klaus Borig, Managing Director and General Manager, DZ Bank: “We are delighted to make this donation to the Sayang Sayang Fund to help out needy communities in Singapore in such difficult times.”
On behalf of many care recipients, thank you to DZ Bank AG for their generosity! #SayangSayangFund #philanthropy #CommunityFoundationOfSingapore #giving
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
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When the Dr. Lim Boon Tiong Foundation was set up When the Dr. Lim Boon Tiong Foundation was set up with CFS in 2018, his daughters wanted to ensure that the late Dr. Lim’s interests in supporting the elderly and those with urological conditions were fulfilled.
With legacy giving, you too can also make an enduring impact to the causes that you care about. Be it in the form of a perpetual endowment or through expendable gifts, a donated sum which can be spent down, you don’t have to be a billionaire to make a lasting difference to the causes you hold dear to your heart.
Read more about legacy giving and how it makes a real and lasting difference: http://bit.ly/3awYdyv
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Dipa Swaminathan’s work towards improving the li Dipa Swaminathan’s work towards improving the lives of migrant workers began almost by chance, when she saw them exposed to the rain without proper shelter and protection.
Now, Dipa is the loudest voice of this oft-overlooked group who often fear speaking up; a community which has built our nation, yet has borne the harshest brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Together with CFS, she leads the charge as brand ambassador to fight for the future of migrant workers by leaving A Greater Gift – a planned donation which leads to a long-term, sustainable support for the causes you care about.
Read about Dipa’s story and A Greater Gift, a three year initiative led by CFS to highlight legacy giving which provides sustainable, long-term support to causes close to your heart: http://bit.ly/3mCWCtd
#aGreaterGift #legacygiving #buildingafutureformigrantworkers #supportthecausesyoucareabout #CommunityFoundationOfSingapore #philanthropy #nonprofit
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CFS wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Ne CFS wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Ninety percent of a child’s brain is formed by t Ninety percent of a child’s brain is formed by their sixth birthday, so it goes without saying that the impact of early childhood education, especially for children with special needs, goes far beyond the classroom and well through their lifetimes.

On 15 December 2020, four inspiring early childhood, special needs and allied educators were honoured by The Leading Foundation Teacher Award. Sponsored by The Leading Foundation, a donor-advised fund with The Community Foundation of Singapore, the Award recognises those who have gone above and beyond their call of duty to positively impact the lives of those under their care.

In the Early Childhood Category, Elaine Chong Yulian from St. James' Church Kindergarten and Koh Jia Min from PCF Sparkletots Preschool won. Li Jiayi from Outram Secondary School and Tan Pek Keow from St. Andrew's Autism School won in the Special Needs Education Category.

CFS congratulates the winners of the seventh edition of The Leading Foundation Teacher Award.

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The performing arts have always been instrumental The performing arts have always been instrumental to our culture, entertaining us and even raising awareness of certain issues.
Now, as safe distancing measures relax and theatre performances slowly return, let us remember that theatre practitioners are, in their way, a vulnerable group. Many are freelancers without regular salaries and the last few months have taken their toll on their savings. And for those who have a serious medical condition, their situation is even more precarious.
The Emma Yong Fund, established in 2012, helps theatre practitioners who suffer from cancer and other critical conditions and illnesses. Please visit the Fund page to learn more about helping others get life-giving aid or, if you are a theatre practitioner, to see how the Emma Yong Fund can help you.  Read more: http://emmayongfund.org/
#theatre #performingarts #philanthropy #giving #CommunityFoundationOfSingapore #continuingimpact
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To all our friends celebrating Deepavali, here’s To all our friends celebrating Deepavali, here’s wishing you joy and good health this festive season!
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The Mind The Gap 200 – Mental Health Fund, under The Mind The Gap 200 – Mental Health Fund, under The Community Foundation of Singapore, contributed 82 care packs in October 2020 to the staff of the NUS University Health Centre in appreciation for their efforts in fighting COVID-19. The packs were distributed to cleaners, counsellors, frontline, medical and backend staff.
“It is important that our healthcare workers maintain their mental and emotional resilience,” shared Professor Kua Ee Hock, who is on the Fund’s Committee.
Thank you once more to all our healthcare workers still keeping us safe!
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CFS is very honoured to receive the Friends of Com CFS is very honoured to receive the Friends of Community Care Award, launched by the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC).
The Award honours 12 organisations from outside of the community care sector who have gone the extra mile to contribute to the sector. CFS’s COVID-19 response fund, the Sayang Sayang Fund, raised eight million dollars in grants which greatly enabled community care providers to provide sustained support to their beneficiaries during the pandemic.
Thank you @aic_singapore for trusting us and working together for the good of the community!
Read more: https://bit.ly/3kKh3UQ
#AICSingapore #communitycare #CommunityFoundationOfSingapore #sayangsayangfund #philanthropy #giving #covid19 #SGunited
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To help persons with disabilities, the elderly and To help persons with disabilities, the elderly and children lead full and socially integrated lives, fast-growing fintech company @aletaplanet has donated $100,000 to the Mediacorp Enable Fund via their CFS donor advised fund, the Aleta Planet Foundation.
The amount will go towards supporting the elderly who have to work despite their frailties and children with disabilities as well as those from low-income families.
Thank you for giving back to the community!
Read more about the Aleta Planet Foundation’s donation here: https://bit.ly/319A8bm

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