Supporting Singapore’s vulnerable communities impacted by COVID-19

Birthday campaign – No one should go hungry

Incredulous that anyone could be going hungry in the food paradise that is Singapore, Julie Chiang decided to support the Sayang Sayang Fund. Her aim was to raise donations that could go towards providing food access for thousands of people, from low-income children and families to isolated seniors.

“For my birthday this year, I wanted to do my little part to raise $6000 by 25 April to help ensure these people in need did not go hungry,” says Julie. “Instead of presents for me, I asked for friends, loved ones and even members of the public to pledge some (if not all) of their $600 Care Package to my campaign.

 “I am so appreciative of the great love and support that has been shown to me,” adds Julie, referring to the over $15,000 in donations that her campaign raised, far beyond her expectations. “Together, we can share what we have with the less fortunate.”

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