Supporting Singapore’s vulnerable communities impacted by COVID-19


Photo by Melanie Lim on Unsplash

The Community Foundation of Singapore spearheads Groundup@Sg in collaboration with The Majurity Trust’s Singapore Strong Fund. The SG Strong Fund was set up to catalyse and resource ground-up community groups to meet the needs of vulnerable groups in this COVID-19 period.

Ground-ups are groups of self-initiated individuals coming together informally and voluntarily to support a cause or run projects addressing local issues. They play a valuable role in the social service ecosystem by serving as crucial eyes and ears on the ground. These groups surface hidden needs and respond swiftly in the current climate. However, they face challenges such as raising sufficient funds, accessing relevant contacts and networks, and scaling their work.

Groundup@Sg will support new approaches on the ground and enable the capacity building of ground-ups. With that, the groups can continue with their swift efforts in responding to emerging needs and streamlining work processes to accelerate productivity. This initiative aims to support up to 50 ground-ups over the year, enabling these groups to deepen and sustain their impact in the community.

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