Supporting Singapore’s vulnerable communities impacted by COVID-19

Johnson & Johnson – Teaming up to support vulnerable communities

Charting a course through such times requires teamwork, and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) went hand in hand with the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) to give relief to vulnerable communities and support the life-saving work of Singapore’s frontline healthcare workers. Through participation of employees  as well as matching fund from the company, Through the participation of employees as well as matching funds from the company, J&J raised over $58,000 for the Sayang Sayang Fund. This partnership was made possible due to the resourcefulness and reliability of the CFS team in swiftly identifying the needs of the community and enabling partners to provide relief to them.

“As guided by Our Credo to be good citizens supporting good works and charities in our communities, we chose to work with the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) based on the purpose of the fund. Many of us under ordinary circumstances are facing a number of challenges due to Covid-19.  There are many vulnerable communities where sufficient help may not reach in the tempestuous situation of Covid-19. CFS has been a capable partner to deliver this,” says Guillermo Frydman, Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Singapore. 

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