Supporting Singapore’s vulnerable communities impacted by COVID-19
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Temasek Poly – Dance classes for donations

The Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble (TPDE) is a dance club based in Temasek Polytechnic. A family of dancers with members from all walks of life, they share one common passion; dance. Espousing three core genres of Hip Hop, Modern and B-Boy, TPDE constantly challenges themselves to learn and improve not only as dancers but as individuals.

Through this tough period of being socially isolated, they hope to spread the love of #tpdegiving❤ 19 or LOVE-19, a word play on COVID-19. TPDE released a dance video earlier this year, which expresses their unique form of human connection. The video has gone on to generate almost 4,000 views over YouTube and Instagram.

‘TPDE is beyond inspired by the work and cause of the Sayang Sayang Fund, managed by CFS. We strongly believe in giving back to those in need; what better way to create a positive impact in the community with LOVE-19 than to collaborate with a community foundation that does their utmost to support frontline healthcare workers, charities and non-profits during this very challenging period of COVID-19?’ says Aldrin Anthony Diaz Yeo, President of TPDE.

‘The idea of offering dance classes for donations stems from the passion of not only dancing, but helping those around us with our talents. Our dance family has a rich history of notable alumni that have gone out to teach full-time in the dance community.’

‘Upon realising the cause, they were more than willing to contribute their knowledge and skills. It brings us so much joy to know that project LOVE-19 has surpassed the goal of raising $1,000. We are incredibly thankful for this collaboration, and hope to inspire and liberate more communities with our talents and give to those in need.’