About the S R Nathan Education Upliftment Fund

The S R Nathan Education Upliftment Fund was launched on 19 September 2011 in conjunction with the publication of the late Mr. Nathan’s memoirs, “An Unexpected Journey”.  The aim of the Fund was to support programmes to help financially disadvantaged students in Singapore achieve their full potential. Mr. Nathan believed that education is an important social leveler which provides children from less privileged homes an opportunity to seek a better life for themselves and their families. The Fund helps students by providing them with the financial assistance to keep them in school and enable them to pursue their tertiary education.

The Fund supports programmes like the Institute of Technical Education (ITE)’s Monthly Financial Assistance Scheme which provides needy students with allowances for transport and meals to lessen their financial burden and allow them to focus on their studies. The Fund also awards bursaries to students from local polytechnics and universities.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Fund so far?

To date, the fund has supported close to 1000 ITE, polytechnic and university students, by providing to bursaries, scholarships as well as monthly financial assistance. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Nathan and many other individuals, the fund has disbursed $2.6 million since its inception. 

Who administers the Fund?

The S R Nathan Education Upliftment Fund is administered by the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) and guided by the Grant Advisory Committee (GAC) comprising of:

Mr. Bobby Chin (Chairman)
Mr. Chandra Das
Mr. Chua Thian Poh
Mr. Edward D’Silva
Mr. Abdullah Tarmugi
Mr. Tow Heng Tan
Mr. Cheong Gay Eng

How can I make a donation to the Fund?

  1. Make an online donation here or
  2. Download and complete the donation form and write a cheque to the ‘Community Foundation of Singapore’. Mail the completed donation form and cheque to:

Community Foundation of Singapore
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-88
The Central
Singapore 059817