Ways to give


Why give with us

CFS can help find the best way to give back by aligning your core values and intent with the needs of the community. With our knowledge and expertise, we can identify gaps and opportunities to enable you to make more strategic and effective giving.


  • Making giving easy and effective
    We are here to help make the giving process simple and seamless for you. By centralising your giving with CFS, you can leave all the administrative work to us, save on legal expenses and enjoy tax deductions upfront. Most of all, you can rest assured knowing that your money is effectively helping the charity or cause of your choice.
  • Safeguarding your grant
    As your trusted partner in philanthropy, CFS ensures that all grants are made with high levels of governance and accountability, through a rigorous programme evaluation, robust grantmaking process as well as concise reporting. We also conduct regular due diligence of charitable organisations to verify compliance with criteria and guidelines.
  • Keeping you engaged
    For a more hands-on giving experience, we keep you engaged and involved throughout the grantmaking process. You can be kept updated with reports on your grant’s impact. From time to time, you will also be invited to visit the organisations you are supporting or attend talks and events to deepen your understanding of the local charity landscape.

Types of causes and support

Why do you want to give back? What issues do you care about most? For a rewarding giving experience, it is important to find the best fit – taking into consideration your values, charitable goals and the impact you wish to make.

Some causes include access to education, equal opportunity for all, social mobility, physical and mental health, environmental sustainability and arts & heritage.

There are various ways to support the cause you wish to support. These include awarding bursaries and scholarships, providing programme support, capacity building or general operating support, funding events or even constructing buildings.

Types of gifts

You may give to honour your family, heritage, faith or business ethos. Your giving may even be inspired by a life experience or a wish to create a legacy.

CFS has devised several ways for you to bring your philanthropic ideas to life – to create greater impact and reach your charitable objectives.

Donor advised fund

When you establish a donor advised fund, you are actively involved in deciding how to make the most impact with your philanthropic money. We can help you make grants that support charitable causes and programmes that you care about. This can be done in a few ways:

  • Flow through fund is ideal for those who want to create immediate impact. You can start making grants to causes and charities you value most today, see the results and evaluate if they meet your philanthropic goals in the long run.
  • Endowment fund is where your donation is held at CFS in perpetuity and invested. Income from the investment is directed to charitable causes of your choice. If you are planning to set up a scholarship, this fund is a feasible option.
  • Term endowment fund is where your donation is held at CFS over a period of 10 years and invested. Income from the investment as well as a portion of the principle amount is directed to charitable causes of your choice over a decade.
Legacy giving

Legacy giving lets you make a lasting impact on the lives of future generations, far beyond the measure of your lifetime.

It is the best way to benefit a cause or charity that you care about now and in the future. By making a legacy gift, you provide enduring support to the causes that matter most to you, while securing your own legacy forever. You may also leave your gift unrestricted to provide flexibility in meeting the evolving needs of the community.

To plan a legacy gift, you can start by setting up an endowment fund in your name or in memory of a loved one. Giving in memory lets a family celebrate the life of a loved one by supporting a cause close to their hearts. Find out more. 

Memorial giving

A memorial fund is a thoughtful way to remember your loved one and at the same time make an impact on the community. Memorial giving lets friends and family celebrate the life of a loved one by supporting a cause close to their hearts.

Community impact funds

To encourage the community to be more involved with issues impacting our society, community impact or Compact funds were set up. These take in donations (big and small) to support specific programmes or projects from lesser known causes. Donors are welcome to contribute to these funds or partner us to develop one and invite the community to co-support. Some Compact funds we have set up include:

  • Migrant Emergency Assistance and Support (MEANS) Fund which helps needy migrant workers who are legally employed in Singapore. It provides immediate and short-term financial assistance to these workers who are exploited, abused or abandoned by their employers – paying for their medical care, shelter, basic necessities and transport costs.
  • Safe Home Scheme a one-stop home modification service to retrofit a safer and more accessible home environment for the elderly and persons with disabilities, enabling them to be more independent while going about their daily activities. Modification works include widening doors, levelling floors and building ramps for wheelchair access and installing grab bars.
  • Outing for the Elderly Fund was set up to enable home-bound seniors to enjoy being out and hopefully reduce their sense of social isolation. The fund encourages non-profit organisations to bring frail seniors – many wheelchair bound – on regular, organised excursions to attractions or even supermarkets. The fund covers admission costs as well as transportation and refreshments and all charities taking care of the elderly are eligible to apply for it.