What We Do

Plans for the next 2 years

Accelerating Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) has embarked on a journey to digitalise and optimise our operations and improve our services. The next phase will see us accelerating our plans across the organisation. These include streamlining our operations with a fully integrated system encompassing donor management, programmes and grant management, financial and data management to boost efficiency and data analysis by offering users a single source of data. CFS will also be implementing an enhanced risk and corporate governance framework to better manage risk and enable proactive management of policy and governance documentation.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

CFS plans to introduce more sustainable practices in different areas of our work and organisation. Operationally, CFS aims to reuse, reduce and recycle and better manage our paper and plastic consumption. We have also implemented a Daily Earth Hour. Externally, CFS will continue to engage charities to source for more programmes across the spectrum of Sustainable Development Goals for our donors. We will also include more sustainability considerations in our programme assessments, to ensure greater value creation over the longer term.

Deepening Charity Partnerships for Greater Impact

CFS’s Charities and Grants Team will deepen our charity partnerships to increase the range of impactful programmes that our donors can support. We will review our processes to enhance collaboration with charities in programme proposal submissions, grantmaking and reporting. An innovative framework will be established to assess and guide impact measurement in closer partnership with charities.

Building Momentum for Legacy Giving

Our Legacy Giving Initiative will continue to build momentum by engaging individuals and partners more deeply in the coming year. We will conduct targeted research to offer insights into our donor landscape while building formal alliances with professional advisors to strengthen partnerships.
We will also set into motion plans to encourage Singaporeans to plan and make legacy gifts. Over the long term, CFS seeks to become a centre of expertise and thought leadership on legacy giving in the Singapore context.