Mental Health Workshop 1

Collaborative Giving to build Community Mental Health Champions

The Community Mental Health Champions Initiative, a collaborative project by the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) and Empact and supported by our corporate partner. It …

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CFS’s LaLa Café Series: Sustainability begins at home

CFS’s LaLa Café is a virtual place to learn, socialise and rejuvenate for everyone at CFS. It is conducted by our employees, partners and vendors, …

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Impact lives through savvy giving

Make savvy giving a legacy in your life: that was the clarion call to around 100 donors, charities and partners at the Community Foundation of Singapore’s (CFS) Lunar New Year lunch held in February.

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A turning point for community philanthropy

A turning point for community philanthropy

In the life of any organisation, there are special moments that will be remembered as being turning points. CEO Catherine Loh reflects on a phenomenal year and muses on a new era as CFS looks forward to the next decade with the exponential growth of community philanthropy and a new Chairman at the helm.

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Eileen Heisman: Donor advised funds are a flexible tool that can adapt to changing giving interests

Donor advised funds (DAFs) are flexible, relatively inexpensive and can meet and adapt to changing interests. A DAF is also a tool you can spend down over your lifetime or pass it down to your children. It’s why DAFs are the fastest growing philanthropic tool in the United States. Eileen Heisman, President and CEO of National Philanthropic Trust shares more.

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CFS Philanthropy Forum 2019

CFS Philanthropy Forum 2019: Looking to the future of community philanthropy

At the CFS Philanthropy Forum 2019, donors, charities and partners gathered to hear from leaders and experts on what lies ahead for community philanthropy. Headlining the evening was keynote speaker Eileen Heisman, President and CEO of National Philanthropic Trust. This was followed by an engaging panel discussion on how donor advised funds enable smarter, better giving.

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CFS welcomes new Chairman Christine Ong, succeeding Laurence Lien

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) has a new Chairman from 1 April 2019. Christine Ong will succeed Laurence Lien as Chairman of CFS. Christine who brings extensive experience spanning 30 years from the finance and banking industry takes over from Laurence who has been involved with CFS for the past 10 years.

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Partnership with the Asia Philanthropy Circle: The pitch for social inclusivity

The Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) recently convened a Singapore roundtable on the topic of inequality. To spur dialogue to action, APC – in partnership with CFS – selected three intervention initiatives which aim to promote social inclusivity in Singapore, and organised a pitch session to invite member partnership and funding of these projects.

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Seniors Colabs learning journey #3: St Theresa’s Home – where horses and hawker centres help seniors feel at home

Through its human-centred care philosophy, the management at St Theresa’s Home firmly believes that as society progresses, nursing homes can be a conducive place for seniors to thrive as they age. In addition to empowered living, residents also look forward to regular equine therapy and visits to a nearby hawker centre.

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Seniors Colabs learning journey #2: Wellness Kampung – entrusting the community to care for itself

Wellness Kampung, a network of three activity centres in Chong Pang, Nee Soon Central and Nee Soon East was launched with one simple belief – that taking charge of one’s health is easier with the support of the community. Run mainly by residents, it aims to give people of all ages a chance to adopt healthier lifestyles through health intervention programmes and social activities.

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Seniors Colabs learning journey #1: Empower Ageing – mind over body for a better quality of life

Empower Ageing designs programmes to enable seniors to function at an optimal level and lead a fulfilling life through regular exercise and mindfulness. Providng the right support, environment, wellness programmes and most importantly, instilling a positive mindset helps seniors build confidence and motivation in tackling ageing issues.

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A review to keep improving outings for the elderly

A recent review session organised by CFS for grantees of the Outing for the Elderly Fund provided a platform to gather feedback, exchange views and present an opportunity to learn about senior-friendly programmes organised by the Esplanade and National Heritage Board.

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Colabs launches Seniors series to tackle the question ‘How can our seniors live more happily in the community?’

The inaugural session of Seniors Colabs marked the start of a new collaborative journey, with participants expected to meet regularly over a six-month period to share knowledge, build insights and find practical ways to help seniors age well.

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Visit by Moscow-based non-profit organisations

CFS recently hosted a Russian delegation comprising heads of various non-profit organisations and foundations as part of a study trip organised by the NGOs Resource Centre of the City of Moscow. The aim of the trip was to understand the impact the non-profit sector has on Singapore’s sustainability and quality of life.

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Singapore Youth Impact Collective helps youths progress from classroom to working life

The Singapore Youth Impact Collective – a first-in-Singapore initiative – uses the collective impact model to empower disadvantaged youths to progress more smoothly from the classroom to fulfilling careers. The Collective launched two youth empowerment programmes and opened a new A.P.T.I.T.U.D.E. Centre at ITE College Central.

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Singapore Tatler: Community Foundation of Singapore Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) was founded during a tumultuous time. Chairman Laurence Lien recalled that it was during the global financial crisis of 2008 and Lehman Brothers had just collapsed—hardly good news for a non-profit organisation that was set up to encourage and enable philanthropy in Singapore.

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Celebrating a decade of inspiring and enabling philanthropy in Singapore

After months of anticipation, CFS’s year-long 10th anniversary celebrations came to a high point on 5 September 2018 at a gala event at The Arts House. Guest of honour, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu, and 120 guests including donors, charities and other partners, came together to commemorate this major milestone in CFS’s history.

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Speech by Chairman Laurence Lien at CFS’s 10th anniversary celebrations

Chairman Laurence Lien recalls CFS’s challenging early years – born during the 2008 global financial crisis as a start up that people took time to believe in. CFS spent its first five years just building credibility and trust. But a decade on, it has accomplished so much. “As someone who has been so actively involved in the growing CFS, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in these 10 years,” he said.

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