Colabs: doing more for persons with disabilities

The Colabs Disability series focuses on pathways of engagement and employment for persons with disabilities – exploring different pathways, identifying opportunities for action and catalysing collaboration to attain greater access to services for care and support.

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Lunar New Year 2018 – Celebrating a decade of growing giving to impact

Spirits were high at CFS’s Lunar New Year lunch, where donors, charities and partners kicked off our year-long 10th anniversary celebrations. The event was a testament to CFS’s journey from a quiet start-up a decade ago to a thriving organisation today.

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Giving through the generations

Is there room for diverse giving styles in creating one’s personal and family legacy? It’s possible, shares two prominent families at the recent CRIB x CFS Legacy and Impact event.

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Singapore Tatler: CRIB X CFS Legacy Building And Impact Series

Investors and like-minded philanthropists invited by CRIB and the Community Foundation of Singapore gathered at Grand Park Orchard for a panel discussion on November 1.

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The case for philanthropy in the arts

The case for philanthropy in the arts

At the second edition of Art World Forum 2017, CFS was invited to present the significance of philanthropy for the arts to an audience of art, thought and business leaders.

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Colabs workshop: A day in their shoes

“Poor people are just lazy.”
“Why won’t they just send their kids to school?”
“We don’t want them to be over-reliant on handouts.”

Is this how we think of those who are poor? Do we really know what it is like to be poor in Singapore?

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Lunar New Year celebrations and collaborations 2017

CFS’s annual Lunar New Year appreciation lunch is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our donors, charities and partners for their unwavering support. This year, NVPC joined CFS as co-host as we launched Colabs – a learning network that brings together different stakeholders in the giving system to enable greater and deeper social impact.

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International Women’s Forum Singapore: Empowering young women for a better future

They may come from disadvantaged families, juggling work with school, but that has not stopped them from pursuing their dreams or even helping others. For this, ten young women were presented with the 2016 International Women’s Forum (IWF)’s Education Grants on 30 September.

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Celebrating the journey home through music

In celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the Community Foundation of Singapore, in collaboration with donor Kris Tan of the Kris Foundation, brought five young Singaporean musicians together in a concert that explores what it means to belong.

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Recipients of S R Nathan Education Award meet former president over tea

The recipients of the S R Nathan Education Award had tea with the former president at the Eurasian Community House on Saturday. The award is given to outstanding students who have been accepted into the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) or any of the five polytechnics.

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