Sayang Sayang Fund continues to appeal for donations

Last Tuesday (7 April 2020), the Sayang Sayang Fund relaunched fund raising efforts to raise another $3 million to meet evolving and urgent needs of the community to complement the work of local public health, non-profit and government entities with emergency support during the ‘circuit breaker’. This is in addition to the $1.1 million raised since its launch in February.

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Around 7,000 school children in need of support for meals

A four-week ‘circuit breaker’ is the latest challenge to hit Singapore, as a pre-emptive strategy to curb the spread of COVID-19. As students transition to over three weeks of learning at home, about 7,000 children will miss access to food they would normally get in school, compounding difficulties in continuing their education at home.

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Let us continue to sayang our community

We have been overwhelmed by the generous show of support for our community-driven Sayang Sayang Fund; from private individual and corporate donors who donated to the fund directly or set up their own fund-raising pages, we have far surpassed our initial target.

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A call to continue rallying together

Thank you to everyone who have generously supported the community-driven Sayang Sayang Fund. We have far surpassed our initial target of $500,000! This was made possible with help from many private individual and corporate donors who donated to the fund directly or set up their own fund-raising pages.

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The Community Foundation of Singapore to lead legacy giving initiative

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) will be leading the legacy giving initiative and partnering with key stakeholders to grow the giving culture in Singapore.

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Sayang Sayang Fund – Let’s do more together!

The Sayang Sayang Fund has reached our initial target of $500,000! A big thank you to our generous donors, who helped us reach this amount in less than seven days.

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The Community Foundation of Singapore launches new Sayang Sayang Fund

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) has established Sayang Sayang Fund to provide support for frontline healthcare workers as well as vulnerable communities impacted by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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Giving back through art

When Lebanese painter Marie-jose Jed was looking to adopt a charity for her art exhibition, a chance conversation with a friend turned into an opportunity to collaborate with the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS).

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Relaxed Fund – helping SAAC clients through horticulture

CFS donor George Jacobs, who created the Relaxed Fund, advocates a vegan lifestyle. Promoting horticulture was his way of championing this, at the same time helping the clients at the St Andrews Autism Centre (SAAC).

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CFS wins two awards at the Charity Transparency and Governance Awards 2019

CFS wins two awards at the Charity Transparency and Governance Awards 2019: The Charity Governance Award – Special Commendation for Governance and Management – and …

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Three donor trends shaping giving in 2020 and beyond

At CFS, we count it as our privilege to be able to observe and nurture a new generation of donors increasingly empowered to drive social change. In this final edition of Change Matters for 2019, we highlight three donor trends we believe will continue to shape giving in 2020 and beyond.

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Minding the gaps: 10 friends collaborate to take on social issues in Singapore

Widening social inequality, an ageing population, and the threat of climate change – these are the issues that frame our world today. Amidst increasing recognition of these complex issues, a collective formed of ten donors have come together to establish Mind the Gap 200 (MtG 200), a multi-fund project, with the Community Foundation of Singapore.

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Motivating trainees towards a brighter future

In recent years, Singapore’s education system has been seeking to move beyond academic grades to a more holistic approach towards learning. Seeking to change broader mindsets towards the value of applied learning and work experience, Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE) has been steadily championing a ‘work-study’ approach through its Traineeship Scheme.

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The Business Times: DAFs still quite new concept: charities index

DAFs are charitable fund accounts that people or organisations can open. An amount of money will be pledged to a cause they are passionate about. Former CFS chairman Laurence Lien says DAFs are motivating philanthropists to think more about the cause they would like to donate funds to and how their donations will help to solve the problem.

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The Business Times: A S$10m fund with a difference to address Singapore’s social issues

Lunch affairs with Singapore Exchange (SGX) head of global sales and origination and executive vice-president, Chew Sutat, does not come cheap. But it is not because he prefers fine dining or a lavish meal, but rather, he is always looking out for opportunities to raise funds.

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Including the Excluded: Everyone Plays a Part

Through working and volunteering in the non-profit sector, I often meet people living in dire circumstances. I vividly remember one incident while distributing breakfast to families living in public rental units. Speaking in simple English, the mother thanked us profusely for the warm porridge and noodles – generously contributed by a donor – so the money saved could go towards their monthly transport.

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HOME: Helping vulnerable migrant workers through crisis

With almost one million low-wage migrant workers in Singapore, there is an increasing appreciation of the important role they play in our society. Yet, while migrant workers make up a significant part of our social fabric, their issues and challenges may often remain invisible from public view.

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TODAY: New S$528,000 fund to help disadvantaged people stay employed

When stereotypes, stigmas and prejudices prevent people with disabilities or mental health problems from finding jobs, they are often financially or socially disadvantaged for life. To overcome these barriers, a new fund was launched to address the problem of social exclusion of disadvantaged groups here, bringing employment and vocational training support to where it is needed most.

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