Collaborative giving: How it creates social change

Today, with technology and the lean towards strategic, outcome-focused giving, collaborative giving is rapidly gaining traction as people recognise the complexity of social issues and the need for many helping hands. CFS counts it as our mission to enable donors to learn and tap on different models of collective giving.

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Colabs launches Seniors series to tackle the question ‘How can our seniors live more happily in the community?’

The inaugural session of Seniors Colabs marked the start of a new collaborative journey, with participants expected to meet regularly over a six-month period to share knowledge, build insights and find practical ways to help seniors age well.

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Singapore Youth Impact Collective helps youths progress from classroom to working life

The Singapore Youth Impact Collective – a first-in-Singapore initiative – uses the collective impact model to empower disadvantaged youths to progress more smoothly from the classroom to fulfilling careers. The Collective launched two youth empowerment programmes and opened a new A.P.T.I.T.U.D.E. Centre at ITE College Central.

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Fresh off the press

Two new publications just rolled off the press – CFS Annual Report 2018 and ‘A Call for Collaborative Giving’, the first publication from Colabs that sheds light on the challenges disadvantaged young persons face at home. Available for download here.

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Inspiring thoughts from our anniversary speeches

At CFS’s 10th anniversary event, our three distinguished speakers – Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Catherine Loh, CEO of CFS, and Laurence Lien, Chairman of CFS – all struck home the point on philanthropy’s potential for growth in Singapore.

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Celebrating a decade of inspiring and enabling philanthropy in Singapore

After months of anticipation, CFS’s year-long 10th anniversary celebrations came to a high point on 5 September 2018 at a gala event at The Arts House. Guest of honour, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu, and 120 guests including donors, charities and other partners, came together to commemorate this major milestone in CFS’s history.

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CFS’s first brand campaign ‘Portraits of generosity’ to inspire giving

In tandem with its 10th anniversary, CFS launched its first ever brand campaign ‘Portraits of Generosity’ – a series of heart-warming donor stories uncovering each donor’s motivation for giving. Looking back at their lives, donors share their motivations for why they chose to give back to those in need.

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Giving from strength to strength

In the Community Foundation of Singapore’s (CFS) first year of operation, few individuals wanted to talk to us about philanthropy. Thanks to a founding group of seven donors in 2008 who placed their faith in us, we started to see growth, says Catherine Loh, CEO of CFS.

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Making collaboration a reality

Collaboration for social change has been a hot topic of late, but how do we get there? These three factors could help, says Joyce Teo, Deputy CEO of CFS.

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Colabs: doing more for persons with disabilities

The Colabs Disability series focuses on pathways of engagement and employment for persons with disabilities – exploring different pathways, identifying opportunities for action and catalysing collaboration to attain greater access to services for care and support.

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Lunar New Year 2018 – Celebrating a decade of growing giving to impact

Spirits were high at CFS’s Lunar New Year lunch, where donors, charities and partners kicked off our year-long 10th anniversary celebrations. The event was a testament to CFS’s journey from a quiet start-up a decade ago to a thriving organisation today.

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Charting your legacy

If you’re wondering how you can start planning on leaving a legacy, Catherine Loh, CEO of the Community Foundation of Singapore, shares her insights.

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Giving through the generations

Is there room for diverse giving styles in creating one’s personal and family legacy? It’s possible, shares two prominent families at the recent CRIB x CFS Legacy and Impact event.

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Legacy giving: donors share their stories

Legacy giving begins with your deepest motivations: from honouring a loved one, to championing your cause.

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Four ways to give back through the arts

Find out how support for the arts helps build a more inclusive society and brings benefits to the community in many ways.

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Arts for the community

Giving to the arts can benefit the lives of the disadvantaged says Anne-Marie Clavelli, Head of Development & Strategy at CFS.

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The case for philanthropy in the arts

The case for philanthropy in the arts

At the second edition of Art World Forum 2017, CFS was invited to present the significance of philanthropy for the arts to an audience of art, thought and business leaders.

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Turning problems into possibilities

Are the poor recipients of aid, or agents of change?

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