Why give with us

We make giving better

CFS can help find the best way to give back by aligning your core values and intent with the needs of the community. With our knowledge and expertise, we can identify gaps and opportunities to enable you to make more strategic and effective giving.

  • Making giving easy and effective

We are here to help make the giving process simple and seamless for you. By centralising your giving with CFS, you can leave all the administrative work to us, save on legal expenses and enjoy tax deductions upfront. Most of all, you can rest assured knowing that your money is effectively helping the charity or cause of your choice.

  • Safeguarding your grant

As your trusted partner in philanthropy, CFS ensures that all grants are made with high levels of governance and accountability, through a rigorous programme evaluation, robust grantmaking process as well as concise reporting. We also conduct regular due diligence of charitable organisations to verify compliance with criteria and guidelines.

  • Keeping you engaged

For a more hands-on giving experience, we keep you engaged and involved throughout the grantmaking process. You can be kept updated with reports on your grant’s impact. From time to time, you will also be invited to visit the organisations you are supporting or attend talks and events to deepen your understanding of the local charity landscape.